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PUBG leak indicates the Riot Shield, new weapons, and more are in the works

A new leak indicates the Riot Shield is currently being tested

PUBG: Battlegrounds

Last year PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds creator Brendan Greene hinted that a Riot Shield could be heading to PUBG Corp’s battle royale. Now, it looks like it could be in the works. That’s according to a well-known dataminer who says the Shield is currently being tested internally at the studio.

PUBG dataminer PlayerIGN (via The Loadout) has posted a video (which you can check out below) covering potential “leaked features for 2020,” which he’s sourced from what he believes is an ex-PUBG Corp. employee. In the list of content “currently being tested” shown, sits a mention of the fabled shield: “Riot shield comes with the new movement system” – and it could be “that is why it has been delayed.”

It also appears that the Shield reduces your run, sprint, and jump distances, deal 80 melee damage to enemies – with a pushing distance of 70 – and will let the player using it to equip some other melee weapons, handheld guns, and throwable weapons alongside the Shield, according to the leaks.

The list also covers a bunch of other features and items that could potentially be being tested for PUBG. It includes a “new movement/animation system,” Team Deathmatch mode maps, a story mode which will it seems could be a “prequel to the current Erangel,” plus various weapons, a Claymore, and an intriguing sounding “zombie training” offline mode that could arrive by the end of 2020, according to the leaks.

Check out PlayerIGN’s video below:

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It’s important to note that the content covered is far from confirmed. As PlayerIGN says in the video, “I’ve had this really long leak list for about three months. I’ve been keeping this a secret because we don’t know how legit this is. PUBG_throwaway is a throwaway account, and I think this person is an ex-PUBG employee.” He adds that one of the primary reasons he came to this conclusion was because his source “leaked some PUBG links which no-one other than PUBG employees and a few of my datamining team should know about.”