PUBG Taego secret room locations guide

If you're not sure where to find secret rooms, here's how to find the secret room key and every Taego secret room location and what they look like in PUBG

PUBG secret room and key locations

Ever opened a secret room on the PUBG Taego map? If you didn’t know by now, Taego contains plenty of special features and secret rooms to keep players entertained. Once you’ve found a secret room key, all you need to do is grab a vehicle, find the right building, and collect the loot.

If you don’t know where to find them, here’s an overview of the PUBG secret room locations with an annotated map. Luckily for us, the buildings that contain secret rooms all look alike. The roof is especially easy to spot; bright blue on one side, and covered with a large canvas on the other.

You may find the following loot inside a Secret Room:

  • Self AED: used to revive yourself without help from teammates.
  • Mid to high tier armour
  • Mid to high tier weapons and attachments
  • Consumables
  • Throwables

There’s a chance that the secret room contains a Care Package item, but you’re much more likely to find mid-tier weapons. Still, the presence of Self-AED packages makes them worth a visit, even for those with great gear.

PUBG secret key locations

How to find a Taego Secret Room key in PUBG

If you were hoping for a set spawn location, we’re sorry to disappoint you; the secret room keys spawn in random locations, so you simply have to be lucky to find one. Of course, scavenging as much as you can during a match is going to increase your chances of finding a hidden key.

Even if you didn’t get a secret room key yourself, you might be lucky enough to stumble upon a player who did. If you’re confident in your ability to take that player out, wait until they’ve opened the secret room, and take the loot for yourself.

PUBG secret room building

Every PUBG Taego secret room location

Time is everything in PUBG, so let’s try to make your search for the Taego secret rooms as easy as possible. Here’s a numbered map with every secret room location, plus a short description to help you find the right house. Remember: it’s always the building with the blue, corrugated roof.

PUBG secret room locations map

  1. If you follow the road to the north, you’ll see a bunch of houses on your right. It’s the one in the northwest corner
  2. You can follow the small dirt road east of this location to find it more easily. It’s the house in the northwest corner
  3. On the southside of the large hill, not far from the top
  4. The southernmost house, situated on a slightly higher hill
  5. Situated on a hill, surrounded by trees. It can be tricky to spot, especially when approaching from the south
  6. Just south of the Airport, in the corner of the three-way junction
  7. East of the river, it’s the building in the northeast corner
  8. Look for a lonely building next to the road
  9. You have to cross the water, but since it’s the only building there, you can’t miss this one
  10. Right next to the asphalt road. It’s the smaller building
  11. It’s the only building in sight, surrounded by nothing but a low fence and a bunch of trees
  12. You will see a few old stores in the eastern corner of the three-way junction. The secret room is in the house behind them
  13. Look for the two buildings just a few metres from the road, surrounded by farmland. The secret room is inside the slightly bigger one
  14. Look for the group of buildings at the crossroads. The secret room is in the building furthest from the main road
  15. There are several buildings here, but the one with the secret room is on the east side of the road, close to the water

And that wraps up our PUBG Taego secret room locations guide. Check out our PUBG map guide for an overview of every map in 2022. Looking for more exciting experiences like PUBG? If so, we highly recommend reading our list of the best battle royale games to get your adrenaline flowing.