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PUBG update 12: Mirado vehicle, SLR rifle, map selection, new attachments

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What's in the latest PUBG update? As one of the biggest battle royale games around it is imperative that Bluehole implement plenty of PUBG updates so its players aren't tempted to jump ship to Epic Games' colourful, architecturally-minded rival, Fortnite.

Find out where you will be fighting next with all the latest PUBG new maps details.

Since PUBG's 1.0 launch, there has been a PUBG update for everything: new maps, modes, vehicles, and weapons have kept Brendan Greene's 100-player scrap fresh. To help you stay in the know, below you can find everything you need to know about all the new content added to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

PUBG update 12 release date

PUBG update 12 is the biggest patch to the game since its launch from Early Access in December 2017. It's so hefty, in fact, there are even more bug fixes and movement tweaks that you can read in full here.

You can get your hands on the new version of PUBG on May 3. Yes, that means you can already get behind the wheel of the Mirado and the fancy new 6x scope.

PUBG Mirado

pubg update mirado

  • The Mirado is a classic muscle car: a fast, four-seat sedan that’s limited to Miramar. It can be found around downtown areas and main city streets.
  • The Mirado is intended to compliment the other unique vehicles on Miramar: the van is extremely sturdy, but slow and ineffective when taken off-road; the pickup is great for off-road travel; and the Mirado is the fastest way to blaze down a highway.


pubg update slr

  • The SLR will spawn alongside normal world loot. It’s a DMR which uses 7.62mm ammo and contains 10 bullets per magazine (20 bullets when extended).
  • The SLR is more powerful than the SKS but has more recoil. Recoil control is the key to using the SLR effectively.

PUBG map selection and UI changes

pubg update map selection

Map selection is now available. The UI has also been improved for team mode and perspective selection. As before, only the host can select these options. 

  • Pick just one map (Erangel or Miramar) on its own to guarantee you’ll play there.
  • If you select multiple maps, the game will randomly drop you into one of the selected maps.

The “Rewards” menu item has been renamed “Store.” It contains the “CRATES,” “KEYS,” and “MY ITEMS” pages.

  • CRATES Page - Identical to the existing “Weekly Crates” page. Here, you can exchange BP for crates.
  • KEYS Page - Use this page to purchase keys (used to open locked crates).
  • MY ITEMS Page - See and use all crates and keys in your possession. Use the “PREVIEW” button to see all possible drops in each crate.

PUBG new attachments

  • Duckbill - A new attachment for shotguns (S1897, S12K). It reduces the vertical pellet spread but increases horizontal bullet spread
    • Attachable to S1897, S12K
  • Light Grip - It increases recoil recovery time, but makes weapons more steady
    • Attachable to ARs, SMGs, DMRs (UMP9, AUG, M416, SCAR-L, SKS)
  • Thumb Grip - It slightly reduces vertical recoil, makes weapons more steady, and greatly increases the transition speed to ADS
    • Attachable to - ARs, SMGs, DMRs (UMP9, AUG, M416, SCAR-L, SKS)
  • Half Grip - It reduces vertical and horizontal recoil, decreases recoil recovery time, and makes weapons less steady.
    • Attachable to - ARs, SMGs, DMRs (UMP9, Vector, AUG, M416, SCAR-L, SKS)
  • Angled Foregrip - It greatly reduces horizontal recoil and increases the transition speed to ADS, but makes weapons less steady
    • Attachable to - ARs, SMGs, DMRs (UMP9, AUG, M416, SCAR-L, SKS)
  • Vertical Foregrip - It greatly reduces vertical recoil.
    • Attachable to - ARs, SMGs, DMRs (UMP9, Vector, AUG, M416, SCAR-L, SKS)
  • Scope 3x - This scope has fixed 3x magnification with an illuminated reticle. It’s discoverable as a common world-drop item
  • Scope 6x - This scope has variable 3x–6x magnification. It’s discoverable as a rare world-drop item.

You can now change the reticle style and color on the red-dot, holo-sight, and the 2x scope using the scope zeroing keys (Page Up/Page Down by default).

PUBG Miramar improvements

pubg update miramar improvements

  • The size of the oasis has been increased and more buildings nearby have been added.
  • Extra farming points have been added by placing small building sets near various cities and towns.
  • The number of buildings have been reduced in some city areas to cut down on excessive building density.
  • Some excessive cover points has been removed (rocks, drums, boxes) inside various cities and towns.
  • More objects like trees and rocks have been added throughout the map to provide some additional options for cover in wide-open spaces.
  • The interiors of certain buildings have been simplified.

PUBG weapon and throwables balancing

pubg update balancing


  • ARs - ARs have been rebalanced so none are the 'objective' best—the power differential between each are now reduced, but each brings advantages to different situations.
  • SMGs - adjusted to be more effective in short range combat.
  • Shotguns - increased overall damage and effective range.


  • Frag grenades
    • Added new hit effects and animations.
    • Previously, grenade damage was greatly dependant on fall damage (from the grenade’s knockback effect) rather than explosive. The grenade’s knockback effect has been removed for players. They have been adjusted so that only explosion damage is applied when you’re struck by a grenade.
  • Weight changes (all throwables)
    • Frag grenade: Increased from 12 to 18.
    • Molotov cocktail: Decreased from 18 to 16.
    • Smoke grenade: Decreased from 16 to 14.
    • Stun grenade: Decreased from 14 to 12.

There you go: that's your latest PUBG update. Let us know what you think of the changes in the comments below.

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