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Hands will no longer block headshots in the next PUBG update

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Getting headshots in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is about to become a bit easier, as an upcoming patch is set to allow vehicle and limb penetration, along with some new additions for in-game social features. The update will hit test servers this week, the developers announced on Twitter.

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PUBG Corp will be requesting feedback on the new features from test players, “especially” on the penetration system. Full patch notes will be available “in a couple of days.”

Though we don’t have full details on the penetration system, it will likely allow bullets to pass through limbs in order to hit more vulnerable chest and head areas. In the previous damage model, a perfectly-aimed headshot could be blocked by a stray hand, so that the shot only deals the reduced damage from hitting the extremity. Plus, it’s an opportunity to giggle like 13-year-olds at repeated use of the word “penetration.”

The other features, like the in-game friend system and main menu voice chat, should be welcome additions to round out PUBG’s social features, but we’ll see how everything works in the next update. Hopefully, the update will also address the exploit that’s rendering players invisible and invulnerable to the blue zone.