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PUBG Corp. overestimated its own playerbase, it seems

PUBG has new milestones for its community goals, but that's not the full story

PUBG developer PUBG Corp. has overestimated either the size or commitment of its own playerbase, it seems, as it has been forced to revise some community mission targets downwards.

The latest PUBG Miramar update introduced a mission that tasked the entire PUBG community with collecting 1.95 million DVDs in-game, with the tantalising prize of Miramar lore and the Hexadeathimal level two helmet on offer. However, according to PUBG dataminer PlayerIGN, the developer has been forced to downgrade that target – presumably because it overestimated its audience.

It was believed that players were enthused by the challenge at first, trying to find the elusive old DVDs that awarded three points. But the downgraded amount suggests the enthusiasm became frustration in relatively short order. As you can see in the tweet below, the helmet now has the target of 1.3 million DVDs. I guess people just watch films on Netflix now, huh.

In other PUBG news, the game is dropping the use of locked loot boxes as “players do not get enjoyment out of opening crates”.

The game also has a Riot Shield, new weapons, and more on the way, if a leak is to be believed.

Elsewhere, the inaugural PUBG Global Championship occurred over the weekend, seeing Gen.G take home first place. There’s been some concerns over the future of competitive play recently, with a rescinded deal for exclusive skins right before the PGC. At the very least, this first year seemed to go off without a hitch, so hopefully some doubts were quelled.