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This promising Portal 2 mod wants to give it the expansion it deserves

Upcoming Portal 2 mod System Failure is in its early days, but just one video already shows a lot of promise for what the team has planned.

Portal 2 mod System Failure: robot jumping through a blue portal

This upcoming Portal 2 mod is already showing some promise, and I can’t wait to see what the team involved has planned. Taking place 15 years after Valve’s game and aiming to expand on the world it built, just this snippet of voice acting gets me all excited.

Portal 2 is still one of the best puzzle games ever made. The iconic Valve release has also seen plenty of excellent story mods over the years, and I’ve just found what may very well be the next big one, so you’ll want to keep an eye on it.

Called Portal: System Failure, the project is in the early days, but you can see some of the newest footage, where we get many of the improvised voice lines for Portal core Flynn, in the video below.

“Portal: System Failure is a story-focused mod for Portal 2 made on the Source Engine. It takes place roughly 15 years after the events of Portal 2 and is intended on expanding the world-building of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center,” developer Spekktrum Studio says on the mod page.

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“You play as an unknown test subject who suddenly wakes up to find themself in one of the many testing tracks built around the facility. As you run through the course, a rogue AI suddenly hacks into the facility and takes control of the track. Now, you and your new personality core companion are tasked with stopping this new threat before they tear apart the facility.”

Spekktrum adds that it’s taking inspiration from other mods like Portal Stories: Mel, while aiming to tell the story cinematically, with a completely new cast of characters and original music.

With the incredible Portal Reloaded getting co-op recently, there’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to fan-made content in Valve’s classic games. Portal: System Failure is still very early days, that’s for sure, but I’m definitely feeling the atmosphere and character from Valve’s own games already injected into this.

Spekktrum has just started looking for puzzle designers, level designers, modelers, and texture artists for the project, but I love highlighting promising projects like this. I’m sure we’ll all come back in a few years and see something truly special.

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