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Paint the town orange and blue in Aperture Tag, a Valve-approved Portal 2 mod

Aperture Tag

A new Portal 2 campaign, licensed but not made by Valve, hit Steam today. Aperture Tag removes the iconic portal gun, replacing it with a new puzzle-solving weapon that fires out globs of gel. 

It’s inspired by the student-developed game, Tag, which led Valve to hire its creators and implement the goo mechanic in Portal 2. The game gives Aperture testers the new paint gun, a campaign and 27 new maps to play around in. 

Portal 2: Tag comes with all the lovely stuff you’d expect from Portal, including voice-acting, a level editor, single-player and co-op modes along with a new, original soundtrack.

The developer does warn, however, that co-op can be buggy, but still playable. The team is working on fixing it.

Workshop support has also been implemented, expanding it well beyond the 27 maps on offer now.

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Since Valve officially licensed the game, the developer is able to sell it. It’s still cheap though, especially for the amount of content, and it will only set you back £4.99/$6.99, and until July 22nd, the price has been knocked down by 30 percent.

You will need to have Portal 2 installed for it to run, though.

Cheers, Eurogamer.