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Portal catapults itself over to Linux

Chell has emerged from a familiar yawning orange gate into a place that looks almost but not quite entirely like Steam for Windows. Yes, Portal has popped up in Steam’s Linux beta - and there’s more than a whiff of a suggestion that its sequel will soon be breaching the gap too.

You can reportedly now buy Portal for £6.99 on the Linux Steam Store - though thanks to a period in which it was free for both PC and Mac a while back, I can’t imagine there’ll be many who don’t own it already. Here’s that excellent trailer made to commemorate the event, for those of you who’ve forgotten it:

As for the sequel? Gearburn report that Portal 2 is visible under the ‘all games’ tab in the store, but is currently greyed out - almost as if waiting for a box in Bellevue’s Valve HQ to be ticked to make it purchasable. We’ll keep one bloodshot eye on that while we go about our weekends.

Valve’s last step in their mission to make Linux a viable gaming platform was to release a free in-game Tux Penguin alongside Team Fortress 2. That didn’t go so well for us.

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liamdawe Avatar
4 Years ago

Sorry but I have to laugh, using Gearburn as a source for Portal 2 because it shows up in the “All Games” list…does the title “All Games” not mean anything to some people? Daily linux gaming news on www.gamingonlinux.com by the way ;) where we actually fact check news...