Valve’s showing off SteamVR with a Portal demo

SteamVR Portal demo

When HTC announced the Vive, a VR headset being developed with Valve, on the weekend, it was missing one thing: games. But now it’s GDC, the perfect opportunity for Valve to show off what the Vive can do. 

Today and tomorrow, the developer is demoing the headset at GDC, and one of the games on display is a Portal demo. Who doesn’t want mind-bending physics right in their face?

The Portal demo isn’t Portal or Portal 2, but in VR, and it’s apparently not a new game either. It’s a VR tech demo. Of course, that doesn’t mean that a VR Portal game isn’t on the cards.

Another SteamVR game was announced earlier in the week, Job Simulator. From the short demo, it looks a wee bit like Surgeon Simulator, but instead of operating on people, you put tomato sauce on slabs of meat. There are, presumably, other jobs to explore.

Our Tim will be slapping the odd-looking device on his handsome face tomorrow, where he’ll hopefully return with tales of falling through infinite portals and managing to hold onto his lunch.