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Shopkeeping sim Potion Craft is the top-selling game on Steam

Potion Craft has the makings of another indie success story on Steam

Haggling over alchemic items in Potion Craft

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator proved to be a hit during a previous Steam Game Festival with its free demo, and now that the game has launched into Early Access, it’s keeping the momentum going. Potion Craft has garnered some impressive early player numbers, and it’s currently outselling some massive games on Steam.

Potion Craft is currently the number one game on Steam’s global top sellers list. As ever, this list is a bit nebulous, as it’s a ranking of games by dollar sales spread across an indeterminate amount of time. Regardless, it’s currently outselling everything else on the platform, just ahead of pre-orders for FIFA 22 and multiple editions of the MMORPG New World.

The game has reached a peak concurrent player count of 7,046 just one day after launch, as SteamDB shows. That puts it right on the edge of Steam’s top 100 – and given the early momentum, it looks poised to keep pulling in new fans, too.

Check out a trailer below.

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