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Prey’s humanity came in contact with alien shadow-beings in 1958 – by 2035, they’re under mega-corp research

Prey 2 backstory

A new Prey trailer has landed, exploring the backstory of what is a world we know extremely little about. It explains the alt-history of Prey, where a Russian satellite was invaded by the Typhon shadow-aliens in 1958, the Soviets then allying with the US to study them under a veil of secrecy. A failed Kennedy assassination is the biggest diversion point, leading to complete control of the project being given to the US. Then all the scientists were killed and it was shuttered.

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Fast forward to 2030, five years before the game starts, and a mega-corp has turned the space station where the original sattelite and its spider-shadow-aliens were being researched into a massive project, with far more success. That’ll be where Morgan comes in then.

Beyond that, the fleeting mention of a psychotronics division – which, at least, is a real world that basically translates to the idea of psychic powers of various sorts – is a hint as to Morgan’s likely job within the program. That doesn’t really look like him in the chair at the end there, but as the only specifics given it’s a safe bet.

Prey’s still scheduled for 2017 which, as mentioned, is shaping up as a rather nice year. Expect more concrete details about how the game plays and its universe to come fairly regularly now the hype engine is revving up.