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Prey for the Gods is Shadow of the Colossus in the snow


If you're a recent convert to the world of PC gaming, you might have once played a little game called Shadow of the Colossus on the PlayStation 2. It's a stone cold classic where you ride around a wilderness looking for giant beasts to climb and stab to death. Many regard it among the best games of all time. 

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Made by a team of three developers, Prey for the Gods seems like an insanely ambitious project for the San Francisco-based No Matter Studios. The game - which is clearly inspired by Shadow of the Colossus - certainly doesn't look like a three person project in the impressive (apparently in-game) trailer. See it for yourself:

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It's currently being developed for Windows and Mac, with other platforms being looked into in the future.

After that trailer, I dearly hope this project comes to fruition. While it might not capture the emotion of Shadow of the Colossus, it looks to make up for it with sheer technical force. 

In many ways it's a bold move. This game is going to be judged next to Team Ico's classic, so if it ever sees the light of day, it will quite literally live in the shadow of a colossus. 

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1N07 avatarSilentius avatarB0GiE-uk- avatar
1N07 Avatar
2 Years ago

Awesome! Looks great.

I never got to play Shadows of Colossus myself, but I watched a play-trough of it. Such a beautiful game!

I would have bought it and played it myself, but my old PS2 died some years ago and I haven't bothered to buy a new one, because I sold or gave away all my PS2 games back then.

Silentius Avatar
2 Years ago

I too missed out on Shadow of the Colossus as couldn't afford a PS2 (or the game) back in the day... I did, however, sit green eyed with jealousy, as I watched one of my friends play it. I'll definitely keep an eye on this one!

B0GiE-uk- Avatar
2 Years ago

Looks good, have put it on watchlist!