Shadow of the Colossus-inspired Prey for the Gods gameplay video shows off survival mechanics

Prey for the Gods

Update July 14, 2016: The first proper gameplay video has released for Prey for the Gods, showing off some of the things that set it apart from its inspiration, PlayStation classic Shadow of the Colossus. 

First off, there are some normal-sized enemies you’ll have to fend off when you’re not scaling the back of a giant beast. Unless you’re firing arrows at ghostly spectres, you’ll be scavenging for supplies and battling the elements.

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The dynamic weather system means a blizzard can sweep in at any time, and it does in the new video, forcing our hero to duck into a cave and light a fire.

The elements even come into play when she’s battling a giant shortly after, with thick snow slowing her steps and making it difficult to outrun the massive beast.

Here’s the video:

Original Story July 7, 2016: We saw Prey for the Gods for the first time back in 2015 and the Shadow of the Colossus-inspired indie game looked great. It’s just resurfaced again, complete with a Kickstarter, and it looks even better. It’s hard to believe this is being made by a three-man team in Unity.

The lastPrey for the Gods trailerfor the game showed a massive, furry beast that the hero had to clamber and stab to death. There’s a new one released to celebrate the launch ofthe game’s Kickstarter, too, and this one shows a new beast that has you clinging to its coat as it soars through the air.

I emailed No Matter Studios last year and spoke to Brian Parnell who told me, while it’s clearly influenced by Shadow of the Colossus, it would have some distinguishing features. “We have a number of features that we feel make Prey for the Gods very unique and stand out on it’s own,” he said. “Some we have eluded to in the reveal trailer and others we intend to show later.”

It seems that those distinguishing features are survival elements and the actual elements – you know, the weather.

“Exploration is rewarding but risky,” says the Kickstarter. “Luckily, your footsteps in deep snow will help guide you back if you get lost. However, the deeper the snow the more tired and hungry you will be.

“Spend too long out in the cold and risk exposure that will chill you to the bone. Our dynamic weather system is treacherous and ever changing. From a sunny day, to a blizzard at a moment’s notice you never know what to expect. The weather is just as dangerous as the giants you are after. A trek out to find your next foe could have you changing course and looking for shelter to warm yourself.”

The aim is to launch with five bosses, although more will be added if stretch goals are met. ThePrey for the Gods Kickstarterhas currently raised a third of its $300,000 goal with still 29 days to go.

The game has an estimated delivery date of December 2017.