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Prey is getting a major update, and it’s live tonight

Prey: Mooncrash

A free update for Prey is live, tonight. The update, which will be available for all players, will appear the next time you open the game and feature a new story mode as well as an intense survival mode. There’s also the long-awaited New Game Plus.

On top of that, a £12.99 standalone story DLC named Mooncrash is now available on Steam. It’s set on a moon station the size and scope of four levels from the original game, where the returning Typhon threat brings unique (and uniquely horrifying) enemy types.

Arkane describe Mooncrash as ‘rogue-like’, since it’s designed to be “infinitely replayable”. There are hundreds of possible ways to escape the base, and three player characters to do it with – the engineer Joan, security officer Bhatia, or psychic Andrius. Wrench, shotgun, or mind magic are your key choices there.

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If you buy Mooncrash, you’ll also get access to new Prey DLC later this summer – Typhon Hunter will essentially be a prop-hunt mode, as five players disguised as mimics get to take on one human player character. Prey will also get a VR mode, as Bethesda continues to expand its catalogue into virtual reality.

Prey is over a year old and it seemed mad that we still haven’t had any major content releases for the detailed sci-fi immersive sim. The official Prey social accounts have been making plenty of mentions of the moon, leading many to guess that moon-themed DLC was inevitable.