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Prey debuts the female version of main character Morgan in new take on first gameplay trailer

Prey female morgan

Despite having a pre-named and voice acted protagonist, Prey’s Morgan Yu will be fully customisable. Bethesda and Arkane have chosen to show this off by recreating the first Prey gameplay trailer with a female lead. New voice acting and slightly changed models and animations are how its shown off, as you can see above.

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The thumbnail also gives us our first glimpse at – well I guess it’s time to come up with a term. FemGan? Morlady? These are all terrible. Morgan Yu as a woman, anyway, as opposed to her bearded counterpart. Unlike with Mass Effect: Andromeda’s siblings, Arkane haven’t mentioned if the other version will be a part of the plot, though having the same name would suggest not.

Here’s the original trailer for comparison:

On this quick example alone, I’m liking Morgan’s voice acting a bit more as a woman. More expression in the second version of the trailer. However, much like Phil I make the most boring RPG characters possible at every opportunity, so that might not be enough for me to stray away. Especially since ManGan (getting there) has such nice facial hair.