Prey has a new unlimited resource glitch

Prey Recycler Glitch

Despite Arkane’s attempts to get rid of an infinite materials exploit in its last patch, those dedicated to breaking the law of the conservation of mass have found a new duplication glitch in Prey. While slower than the previous method, this new glitch involves tricking Recyclers into thinking they contain more material by carefully splitting up resources.

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Documented by Reddit user Aeramus, this glitch has players putting a material with a value of 1.00 into the Recycler. From there, you need to split the material among all 48 slots in the Recycler. It doesn’t matter that each split piece of material is less than 1.00, all that matters is that their sum total equals 1.00.

Once you’ve split up the material and the Recycler is recording a value of 1.00, all you need to do is perform a quick save and then a quick load. Upon quick loading, the Recycler rounds up the value of each slot to 1.00, with it thinking that there is a grand total of 48 pieces of whatever material you put in.

Do be warned that if you go back into the Recycler window to check, it will recalculate and all your work will be reset. As long as the main Recycler panel is reading 48.00, you’re good to go. Simply hit Recycle and congrats, you’ve broken the laws of physics and have created matter out of nothing.

This method is much slower than the previous item duplication trick and you can only get 48 stacks of any resource on each go, but it’s one way of easily farming raw materials. While Aeramus initially discovered the glitch on PS4, members of the Prey subreddit have confirmed that it does indeed work on PC. If you want a full runthrough of how the glitch works, watch the video above.