Prey PC port is so much better than console versions it “almost changes the game” say Digital Foundry


Arkane have had a medium time with PC ports of late, with Dishonored 2 passing our own tests but failing to impress the internet at large. Enter Prey, and worries that the other half of Arkane weren’t going to do any better. Not the case. As our own port review pointed out, it runs beautifully. Now Digital Foundry have compared it to the console version and found it superior in every single way.

For the quality of the game itself, look no further than our Prey PC review.

Here’s their full video, with the PC chat starting at around the 6:40 mark:

Two things really stand out. Obvious there’s the higher framerates and resolutions, more options and an overall prettier picture on hardcore hardware, but it’s the low-end stuff where Prey PC manages to outshine its be-padded cousins.

As we noted ourselves, lower end machines do fine. However, Digital Foundry went as low as the GTX 1050 and 460 – worth about half as much as the 960 we have as our low point – and still managed to nail 60fps on medium settings.

This is especially important because of the sort of game Prey is, beyond even it being an FPS. Mimics do not mess about: they move quickly and deal serious damage. You need to be able to react quickly, and both console versions of Prey have noticable input lag. Even playing Prey at 30fps on a PC, this seems to have disappeared. Full details in DF’s report from this morning.

A lot of this comes down to the switch in engine of course, with CryEngine proving a lot friendlier than id Tech. It probably means you can have some confidence with future CryEngine games, though as always there’s no guarantees when it comes to PC performance.

Thanks, VG247.