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A Star Wars classic and a Wild West RPG go ‘free’ with Prime Gaming

June's Prime Gaming freebies include Star Wars Battlefront 2, Weird West, Genesis Noir, and more, making for a strong monthly lineup.

A character firing a gun in Weird West

Prime Gaming members can claim seven free games in June, including the popular sci-fi action-shooter Star Wars Battlefront 2 and the definitive edition of dark-fantasy action RPG Weird West. Battlefront 2 might have been out for a while now, but I’ll never say no to another chance to hear the iconic ‘pew pew’ of a blaster rifle. Weird West, on the other hand, has eluded me to this day, so I’ll definitely be jumping in to check that one out as I’ve heard great things.

Joining those games in this month’s Prime Gaming lineup are Genesis Noir, a stylish adventure featuring a love triangle that spans time and space; Everdream Valley, a cozy farm sim that lets you inhabit animals through your dreams at night; and Mythforce, a first-person roguelike game inspired by Saturday morning cartoons.

Rounding out the roster is the brilliantly titled 2D Metroidvania Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread and the indie puzzle-platformer Projection: First Light. All of these games have different methods for claiming them (GOG, Epic Games, or the Amazon Games App), so make sure you check the list below to find out how to get them for free.

A gallery of the Prime Gaming rewards in June 2024 including Star Wars Battlefront II

Prime Gaming rewards for June 2024

Here are all of the free rewards you can get if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, including the date they’ll become available:

  • June 6: Star Wars Battlefront II [GOG]
  • June 6: Weird West Definitive Edition [Epic Game Store]
  • June 6: Genesis Noir [Amazon Games App]
  • June 13: Everdream Valley [Amazon Games App]
  • June 13: Mythforce [Epic Game Store]
  • June 13: Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread [GOG]
  • June 13: Projection: First Light [Amazon Games App]

You’ll be able to claim these games when they go live here. Remember there are also monthly in-game rewards to claim with Prime Gaming, including freebies for Lost Ark, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Overwatch 2, and plenty more.

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