Transfer inmates and set privileges in Prison Architect’s next free expansion

Cleared for Transfer arrives next month with a big ol' batch of new features and goodies

Prison Architect publisher Paradox has announced the simulation game’s getting a free brand-new update next month. Titled Cleared for Transfer, the expansion brings a batch of shiny new features, including prisoner transfers, special privileges, room grading, new actions, enhancements, and more. Oh, and it’s totally free for PC players that already own the game. Neat!

As revealed in a press release, the Prison Architect Cleared for Transfer expansion arrives mid-May, and adds a whole new level of complexity to the game. You’ll be able to “assign privileges to a security sector” and offer transfers between the different sectors of your prison, which means an opportunity to incentivise your, er, guests to work on their manners during their stay. “Prisoners in high security areas are able to see the privileges given to lower security sectors,” the studio says.

In addition, new room grading includes yards, classrooms, common rooms, and gymnasium for the first time, and the added custom security sectors feature does exactly this – you can create areas in your prison with their own specific security sectors. Inmates from different security levels can be included in these.

The expansion’s new actions and enhancements include actions such as “shakedowns, tunnel searches, and lockdowns by security sector”. Last but not least, there are new customisation objects on the way with the update, too. Phew.

If you’re keen to jump in and try the new features, luckily you don’t have long to wait. The Cleared for Transfer expansion arrives May 14.