Prison Architect has sold over a million copies, will leave Early Access in 2015


Introversion has announced that it’s now sold over one million copies of its prison management and inmate-shivving simulator, Prison Architect.

The gaol-building strategy game is currently available in alpha on Steam as an Early Access title, but in the team’s first progress update of 2015, producer Mark Morris revealed that Prison Architect will shed its alpha husk and fully launch some time later this year.

Also mentioned in the update is the possibility of the game arriving on iPad and Android tablets at some point in the future.

Players were told to expect a smaller-than-usual alpha update on PC in February, owing to the team’s focus on experimentally cramming their simulator into a tiny glass screen.

Otherwise, all engines are go for a version 1.0 release in 2015. All engines are go? Is that a thing? I typed it and it felt right. Here’s the full rundown of the Alpha 29 release.

We cast a critical eye over a much earlier version of Prison Architect some time ago. Since then, frequent and drastic updates have rendered it almost unrecognisable.