Prison Architect team devote a month to bugfixing: update 22 is the result

Prison Architect Update 23 will be all about the features.

“No more shall all your laundry baskets gradually migrate to a single laundry room, leaving all the others empty!,” exclaim Introversion. “No more will your dead prisoners slide off morgue slabs and hearses, and lay there in the road forever!”

June was Bug Bash month – the first time the five-man Prison Architect team had taken a break from their monthly release routine to address the thousands of faults and glitches, which we did notice in our Prison Architect review amassing at their door. They’ve just updated the Steam version of the game to reflect their cleanse.

Five programmers worked for the entirety of June on tackling bugs, and had a “fantastic experience”.

“We could have ticked off hundreds of trivial fixes,” said lead designer Chris Delay. “But we instead attacked the list starting with the biggest and most terrifying AI fixes.”

New test builds were released to “many thousands” of players every few days, and key figures in the community went “above and beyond” in helping Introversion focus on the real problems.

“Our bug database is full of duplicate bug reports (most people don’t search first when reporting their bugs),” explained Delay. “We’ve just never tackled that. Several community members organised into a group and closed well over 1,000 bugs during June, all duplicates. They also helped us to confirm our fixes worked and to test against regressions.”

In total, 73 major bugs were fixed – and Introversion are rewarding one community member, Reef, with a ‘Face in the Game’ upgrade as thanks. Seven others will see their name attached to prisoners in-game.

The team are now back on feature development duties for next month’s update. How do you willing inmates think Prison Architect is coming along?