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Cliff Bleszinski’s Project BlueStreak concept art shows off the free-to-play shooter’s shiny hardware

Project BlueStreak fortress concept art

Cliff Bleszinski, if you weren’t up-to-date on his current affairs, is currently working at his new studio Boss Key Productions. The team there are currently crafting ‘Project BlueStreak’, a free-to-play PC shooter. We’ve seen very little of the game so far, but Boss Key have just dropped a pile of artwork onto their website that gives us a good look at the style of both the world and the hardware we’ll be using.

Project BlueStreak concept art

Project BlueStreak concept art

Project BlueStreak concept art

Among the artwork you’ll find a near-final render of the Light Acceleration Weapon, and the ANVIL shoulder-mounted rocket launchers. They’re all still concepts, but they give you a good idea at the kind of sci-fi feel Boss Key are heading for. There’s a slight District 9 feel to those weapons. The world itself is post-apocalyptic, which would explain all the bones.

For the complete gallery, take a look at Boss Key Production’s website.

The game is clearly still in very early development, which explains the complete absence of any release dates.

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