Project Spark beta kicks off today

Project Spark beta

The beta for Project Spark launches today for Windows 8.1 users – so not me, then. Yes, I’ll just be sitting here writing the news, while anyone with Windows 8.1 can saunter over to the Windows Store, pick it up and then request a beta key from Microsoft. Then I guess you can make some games?

That’s certainly the point. Choosing the setting, characters and objectives, you can faff around perfecting your own game, or just jump into it and start playing. Craft a side scrolling shooter, a Zelda-style action adventure where you play as the villain, a tough of nails 2D platformer or just some weird abomination – it sounds like a hoot. 

I love the inclusiveness of it all, with it featuring on multiple platforms (both of Microsoft’s consoles will be getting Project Spark, too) and setting the bar for entry pretty low. It has a lot of scope for games of greater complexity – you can even use Kinect for mo-capping – and depth, but doesn’t look like it’ll stop those who want to create simpler fare from getting just as much out of it.