Psychonauts 2 trailer shown at The Game Awards, will be crowdfunded via Double Fine’s Fig platform


And there’s your big reveal. Double Fine popped up at Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards tonight to announce Psychonauts 2. The sequel to the ludicrously popular action-adventure is in pre-production and is looking for 3.3 million dollars on the crowdfunding platform.

This will be going on our best upcoming games list when someone else is awake.

If you’re thinking about backing, there’s a lengthy pitch script up on you can have a look at. Fig’s big difference from a Psychonauts 2 Kickstarter is that it has tiers of actual investment, where if the game makes money and you’ve put in enough cash, you get some amount back. That’s a big deal, and it needs to be as the team are after 3.3 million dollars to make Psychonauts 2. Jeez.

Here’s the trailer that they used to announce it: