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Cyberpunk 2077 and Silent Hill inspire gorgeous new Steam horror game

Chilling new horror game Psychroma, with hints of Cyberpunk 2077 and Silent Hill, has a free demo out now on Steam that you can play now.

One of the most interesting-looking games from Summer Game Fest’s Day of the Devs is this horror fusion of Cyberpunk 2077 and Silent Hill. It’s a stunning, haunted house mystery that looks as twisted and scary as it does deeply philosophical. It’s called Psychroma, and there’s a free Steam demo you can try out now.

In Psychroma, you play as Haze, a digital medium who must “exorcize the ghosts in the machine” by piecing together the shattered memories of a cybernetic house. I tried out the demo for this upcoming indie game and the it’s just as creepy as the trailers make it appear.

The year is 2489, and the house that Haze is trapped in was once used by The Cerulean Group, people who used a young scientist to try and achieve immortality by putting human memories into digital storage. Before they could achieve their goal, a fire destroyed the house, and it’s now used by a couple who are trying to help homeless people find shelter.

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The interior of the house is wonderfully unsettling. Despite being so far in the future, it mostly looks like an old home. The giveaways are the moving posters and scattered technology, but even the machines look like those of a bygone era.

Psychroma is a departure from developer Rocket Adrift’s previous game, Raptor Boyfriend, a highschool dating sim about a girl who can romance a fairy, sasquatch, and velociraptor. There are elements of a lost love littered throughout Psychroma, too, so the studio hasn’t completely left its roots behind.

You can try out the free Psychroma demo right here. There’s no launch date set, but you can wishlist it to be informed when it does come out.

Once you’ve played the demo, you can play lots of other great cyberpunk games while you wait for its full launch. Or, if you want a break from the genre, there are plenty of story games you can play instead.

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