Pyre, the next game from the Bastion and Transistor developers, is out in July

Pyre e3 trailer

It’s not long now until you can escort a band of exiles through purgatory, as Pyre is launching on July 25. From the developers behind Bastion and Transistor, the RPG will make you live with your decisions – there’s no hard fail state and the game will carry on regardless of what happens. 

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The story begins with you on the brink of death, before you’re revived by mysterious wanderers. From there you have to learn the truth of the Rites: a secretive competition that allows the worthiest competitors to leave this purgatory and return home, absolved of their sins.

At its heart, the Supergiant Games have created a combat system that’s like mystical football. They’re so confidant in this core that you can even play it in competitive multiplayer.

Outside of the combat, it’s essentially a visual novel, filled with tough decisions. It wouldn’t be much of an RPG otherwise, would it? Pyre is out on July 25 and you can pre-order it on Steam now for $17.99.