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Quake Live trailer marks Steam release and proves existence of mutants

quake live trailer steam id

There are times I can fool myself into thinking I’m quite good at games, then a video like the Quake Live Steam trailer comes along and everything I thought I knew comes into question. The video shows frag after frag that demands a sort of prescience you simply shouldn’t possess.

In short, I think this video shows more than just Quake Live running in Steam, it proves that there are mutants living among us.

Quake Live sees Id adopting a free-to-play model but in one of the friendliest uses of the model around: you get the entire game for free but you can only create lobbies if you are a subscriber. That means if you want a private game among friends you’ll need to give something back, if you’re happy sharing your friends with strangers then you don’t need to pay a cent.

Quake Live’s more than a straight remake of Id’s classic shooter. It brings in loads of stats that let you track your progress between games and learn where you’re weak and near to hone your abilities.

Tim almost fired me for not putting Quake on my Best Shooters List but I think you’ll find some fine alternatives in there. Check your SteamId here.