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Trent Reznor’s Quake soundtrack is coming to vinyl


Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor was responsible for the screeching wails and industrial nightmares heard in the soundtrack to the 1996 classic Quake. Now Reznor is making the entire album available for purchase on vinyl

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The dark and twisted soundscapes Reznor produced for Quake were striking at the time, but even more deliciously sinister after having had time to really sink in over the years. The music is just as resonant with the creepy shooter as ever, and it will likely sound killer as a vinyl record. It’s also going to be something you’ll want to snap up quick, as vinyl is very popular at the moment, especially among collectors who grab them all not long after being announced.

There’s currently no release date or price for the album, but average pricing for other Nine Inch Nails LPs, as Engadget points out, is about $20. It’s possible the album was put up for pre-order before Reznor was ready to make the announcement, so if you’re interested in picking up a copy it’s best to keep an eye out for updates. In the meantime, you might want to get some rounds of Quake in if you plan on purchasing this album.