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Quantum Break brands pirates, as well as some legitimate buyers, with in-game eyepatch

disastorm - http://imgur.com/kwJWjBf

Following Alan Wake wearing an eyepatch in pirated versions of that game - along with loading screen tooltips telling you to buy the game to support the developers - Remedy have implemented similar for Quantum Break, but it's accidentally branding some legitimate customers.

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It's all a bit of fun. I mean, Jack Joyce sporting a snazzy eyepatch isn't exactly the most nefarious anti-piracy method in the world. But then, I think I'd still be annoyed if Quantum Break branded me as a pirate after paying £50 for the time-bending third-person shooter on the Windows Store.

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Redditor disastorm discovered that simply logging out of the Windows Store before launching the game would trigger the facial accessory, which is a bit pants really. What would have made me forgive them is if they'd recorded an alternate version of all the live-action bits with actor Shawn Ashmore sporting the eyepatch. Now that would have been excellent, and probably very expensive. 

The game's FAQ addresses the issue 'Jack looks like a pirate' saying: "DRM might've accidentally triggered. Make sure you've logged into your Microsoft account before starting the game." Cheers for that.

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primal avatarKeefBaker avatar
primal Avatar
2 Years ago

You do know you can't actually pirate any windows store games so there is no piracy... Yet.

KeefBaker Avatar
2 Years ago

Microsoft Bob, Windows Vista, GFWL, Microsoft Linux, Windows 8, clippy, Zune, Internet Explorer.... I could go on.

Microsoft, back away from our games stuff please, it's working fine, don't try and burn it down like most of your shite.