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How to craft and use a Raft Recycler

How to find the Raft Recycler blueprint and crafting recipe, so you can start turning unwanted items into Trash Cubes and exchange them at trading posts

A Raft Recycler on the edge of a raft

The Raft Recycler is one of the most important crafting stations in the entire game. Why? Because it can make you the wealthiest castaway on the seven seas. Want to impress your friends with a fridge? A shiny Pirate Hat? Or maybe a Viking Horn? Building the Recycler is your first step.

It’s not too difficult to understand, because the Raft Recycler does pretty much exactly what the name suggests: it gets rid of spare items and turns them into Trash Cubes, which can then be exchanged at Trading Posts (in return for said Pirate Hat). So essentially, you’ll need a Recycler to obtain a whole plethora of items, including Trade Coins, which are the currency used at these Trading Posts.

The Raft Recycler blueprint on a whiteboard

Where to find the Recycler blueprint in Raft

If you want to get yourself a Recycler, the first step is to find the Recycler blueprint. It’s located inside the highest room of the Radio Tower, the first landmark you’ll come across during the main storyline. Haven’t found the Radio Tower yet? Then try building a Receiver on your Raft (researching the Smelter will help you on your way).

Once you’ve reached the top of the Radio Tower, you will find the blueprint stuck to the whiteboard on the right-hand side, next to playable character Tala, who you can read more about in our guide on how to unlock new characters in Raft.

You don’t actually need to hold on to the Recycler blueprint. The Recycler is added to the Research Table as soon as you grab the blueprint, so the next step is to go back to your Raft and learn the full crafting recipe.

How to craft a Raft Recycler

Raft Recycler crafting recipe

To craft the Recycler, open the crafting menu and go to the ‘Other’ tab (second from the top). Here’s what you need:

  • 6 Plastic
  • 4 Metal Ingot
  • 2 Bolts or 2 Hinges (not both!)
  • 1 Circuit Board

Whack it all together and bam, you’ve got yourself a Recycler.

How to use the Recycler

Using the Recycler is fairly simple: select a resource and press E to place it in the machine. The Recycler starts automatically once you’ve inserted enough items. The exact amount depends on the quality of the items used: you’ll need 30 Planks, 15 Nails, or 4 Metal Ingots, for example.

Keep in mind that the Recycler only accepts ‘raw materials’, which means flotsam (Planks, Palm Leaves, Plastic, etc.) and basic crafting materials (Bolts, Nails etc.). The Recycler also needs charging, so don’t forget to place a Battery on the right side of the machine.

Good luck, and remember: hold on to your trash until you’ve got that shiny new Recycler! If you’re wondering how to unlock Temperance, make sure you check out our Raft Temperance code guide.