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Who would win in a fight between Rage 2’s developers? We pit Avalanche against id Software

Rage 2 kick car

Rage 2 is the product of a collaboration between two world-class studios: id and Avalanche. But while these studios appear to be working together harmoniously, they do clearly have their differences. Avalanche are based in Sweden, while id call the deep south of America home. That’s two very different cultures. So, if the two developers were to go to war, who would win in a fight? Yes, these are the mad questions that get asked on the intense Gamescom 2018 show floor.

Happy to answer such a question is Tim Willits, studio director at id Software. “Well remember, we’re from Texas, and we’ve got a lot of big boys,” he laughs. “But [Avalanche are] Swedes, and they like exercise. So they’ve got a lot of strong vikings. So it’s between the vikings and the crazy Americans.”

After a little pondering, Willits comes to a conclusion: “I think the vikings would beat the Texans.” If you’ve ever seen Willits on stage standing next to Avalanche’s Magnus Nedfors, you’ll probably know why that’s his answer.

Thankfully id and Avalanche are not at war, and are working together on Rage 2 with no problems. “It’s really been great, even since the very beginning, because the Avalanche team brings so much to the game,” Willits explains. “The technology, the engine, the experience. We’ve learned so much working with this team.

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“If you look at the id software suite of titles: the story driven work we’ve done with Machine Games and Wolfenstein, the multiplayer action of Quake Champions, and the intensity of the gunplay of Doom, an open-world shooter is a nice fit of all three,” Willits says. “But we didn’t have the experience or technology to do it ourselves. So when the Avalanche team became available it became so easy. It was kind of a love at first sight thing.”

The game is out in spring 2019, so hopefully we’ll have the Rage 2 release date soon. Provided the developers haven’t gone to war with each other, of course.