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The internet’s most infamous RPG suddenly launches on Steam

A mainstay of YouTube, Reddit, and social media everywhere, the most infamous RPG on the internet has finally made its way onto Steam.

Raid Shadow Legends Steam: A young protagonist from free RPG game Raid Shadow Legends

You’ve heard the name hundreds of times. Tucked in between Reddit posts, popping up on X, at the start of every gaming-related YouTube video – it’s like World of Warcraft, plus Final Fantasy, plus Diablo, plus basically every fantasy game ever. Oh yes. The internet’s most infamous RPG and a veritable meme within in its own right, Raid Shadow Legends is now available on Steam. So, maybe it’s time. Even if it’s just morbid curiosity, maybe its arrival on Valve’s storefront is the perfect excuse to finally give Raid a look over.

Everyone has heard of Raid Shadow Legends, and probably also knows that it’s a free MMORPG in the vein of WoW and the like. The details however might have gotten lost in the overall memery. The plot is simple – a dark lord has returned, he’s threatening to destroy the world, and you need to stop him – and the mechanics will be recognizable to anyone who has played RPGs before. There are different classes, turn-based combat, and you can choose between PvE and PvP modes. Some of the later and endgame modes let you compete against other multiplayer clans to defeat bosses and be the first to collect high-end gear.

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What makes Raid different is the game’s enormous character roster. Across 15 factions, there are more than 800 playable and customizable protagonists, who can all be used in any of Raid’s eight game modes.

It adds a lot of variety, and plenty of reasons to keep coming back and experimenting with new builds and new parties. And of course, the entire game is free to play. If you’ve only ever heard of Raid Shadow Legends, and want to finally discover what it’s actually all about, you can get it on Steam as of right now.

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