Rainbow Six Siege devs address silent recoil changes with TTS patch

Rainbow Six Siege's recent recoil changes ARE real, and they're getting addressed in a patch now on the test server

Flores holding up a card for his Rainbow Six Siege portrait

The Rainbow Six Siege community is having itself a time over some recoil changes introduced as part of Crimson Heist. Mostly, they’re arguing over whether or not those changes even exist, as they weren’t actually mentioned in the patch notes. Ubisoft has confirmed that the changes are real, and addressed them in a test server patch, though the devs still haven’t gotten specific about what those changes actually are.

“The team has been following your feedback about recoil all week,” the devs say on Twitter, “and we have just deployed an update on the test server which we will need your help testing out. Please let us know if this improves your recoil experience!”

Before this update, we reached out to Ubisoft to ask about the recoil changes, and were simply told that “Rainbow Six Siege’s team will communicate soon about these changes.” So far, though, we still don’t actually know what the changes are. Prominent players like Pengu have anecdotally noted changes that feel like randomness or additional aim assist, though it’s unclear whether these are intended differences or the result of a bug.

For now, at least, you can go see if the version on the test server feels better to you.

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