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Rainbow Six Siege’s House and Plane aren’t getting reworks, but Favela might

rainbow six siege favela

Rainbow Six Siege and its competitive meta have changed a great deal over the three years since the game was released. It’s why maps like Favela, House, and Plane no longer suit the tactics currently favoured by players. All three of these maps have been excluded from ranked play for a few seasons now, with Ubisoft even removing Favela from casual playlists for a couple of seasons.

With the recent rework to Hereford, many fans have wondered if these maps would soon become the target of a complete map overhaul. According to Rainbow Six Siege’s game designer Leroy Athanassoff, who we spoke with at the Six Major Paris, that’s not going to be the case. “There are maps like House and Plane, which are really just flavour maps, they’re hard to rework without losing the full soul of the map,” he tells us.

However, when questioned about Favela in particular, Athanassoff was a little more hopeful. “Favela is an in-between map. You can see the [competitive] potential, but at the same time there’s a lot of flavour, a lot of destructibility, so it’s a tough call for now and we’re not sure yet.”

So a map rework for Favela isn’t out of the question, but it doesn’t sound like it will come any time soon. Favela has been a divisive map since it was added as part of the Operation Skull Rain update, with its prevalence of destructible surfaces making it very tough to defend – perhaps it’d be ready for competitive play with a few more solid surfaces.