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Rainbow will be saying konnichiwa to Japan in Rainbow Six: Siege’s next DLC

Rainbow Six: Siege

Update October 31, 2016: It seems Ubisoft started hinting at the Rainbow Six: Siege’s final expansion’s Japanese flavour long before these latest teases, as the shooter’s original roadmap points directly to the East. 

Unless you’re a gung-ho Siege fan, you might have missed the 2016 roadmap revealed by Ubisoft towards the end of 2015. In the blog post, there’s no mention of Japan, but if you look to the chart’s flags, you can clearly see Japan was planned for the final quarter. 

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Have a read of the post to see the original content plans. Or, if you don’t want to jump to another site, you can see the visual roadmap embedded below:

It’s definitely Japan, then!

Original Story October 31, 2016: It looks like Rainbow Six: Siege is heading to Japan in its fourth, and possibly final, DLC. Two separate Tweets from official account and an apparent leak provide some fairly strong evidence.

Four DLC expansions have been confirmed for Rainbow Six: Siege, three of which have been released, each three months after the last. With the most recent expansion, Operation Skull Rain, having come out on August 2, we can expect to hear more about the fourth soon. We might even predict a release date in the next two weeks, if we were feeling cocky.

The official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account Tweeted this out yesterday. Note the Japanese text:

Bing translates this as “Come, ye and”, while Google suggests it means “time is, come Tareri”. Publisher Ubisoft, who – presumably at least – are staffed by actual humans, supply a more credible translation, saying it means “Time has come”.

And then there’s this: leaked footage supposedly from a map to be added in the “Season 4” expansion, featuring destructible walls and doors in a conspicuously Japanese apartment:

It’s not official, so all due caveats on your expectations, but it’s looking pretty strong.

If previous expansions are anything to go by, then we can expect two new operators from a Japanese special forces outfit (e.g. the JSF) and a map based in their home country, which probably looks quite a lot like the one in that leaked video.

Look out for more information very soon.