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Rainbow Six Siege’s 2019 Halloween skins have leaked

Rainbow Six Siege is as leaky a ship as ever, and it looks like we’ve gotten a full breakdown of the next set of holiday event skins. Yep, we haven’t even hit the Ember Rise release date and it’s already time to look at the Halloween event – but either way, these new skins are looking appropriately and fantastically creepy.

We’ve got Doc as a sort of zombified mad scientist. Kapkan is skull-faced monster under the hood. Bandit has a thoroughly unpleasant looking helm of spikes. Frost is a full-on, six-horned demon. Lesion’s got a classic zombie look. Ela seems to be missing any sort of flesh. Vigil’s in a Dali mask.

The best, however, is definitely Smoke, who’s transformed into a proper monster with an unpleasantly jiggly proboscis. There are a couple of non-Halloween skins among the leaks, too – an unmasked Caveira and a camo face-painted Gridlock round out the skins, though it’s not yet clear exactly how they’ll be released.

These leaks come courtesy of obutu3_, and if you’re at all concerned about the authenticity of the skins, the detail in which they’re displayed should put that to rest.

Check it all out for yourself in the video above.

Last year’s Halloween event included a custom mode called Mad House, and most of the skins were available through collecting loot box-style packs. It’s probably safe to expect a similar rollout here.