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Hidden Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid tweaks fix notorious spawnpeek spot and buff Tachanka

Rainbow Six Siege Blood orchid undocumented changes

Rainbow Six Siege’s Blood Orchid mini-expansion has launched, to the joy of everyone involved. It was a long time coming and the game’s first major content drop in six months. Along with the hefty headline items, a few changes slipped under the radar and have been gathered up by Reddit – they include some fairly major balance tweaks, especially for hardcore fans.

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Here’s the quick highlights of the bits that are likely most relevant:

  • Glaz can now destroy hatches with three shots
  • Tachanka sets up and takes down his gun quicker, plus it has less recoil
  • Added more cover to prevent spawn peeking in Clubhouse towards Warehouse spawn
  • Fuze will deal partial damage to players, instead of always being an instant kill or a miss
  • Hibana’s aim-down-sight time has increased

The full list is much larger and can be seen over on Reddit. Some are more minor tweaks, like new sounds in different view modes, but there are also potentially game-effecting things like environmental sound changes and Gu Mines triggering on hostages.

As you can imagine, this size of patch also came with plenty of bugs, also being tracked by the community. Nothing seems ludicrously gamebreaking yet, and general reception is pretty good, but worth checking if you’ve had something odd happen – particularly a vicious 100% CPU issue a few people are tracking.