Rainbow Six Siege new operators: French, Russian, and Italian soldiers for 2018

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Rainbow Six Siege new operators are great at helping mix up the game. Each new season introduces new operators that alter the meta and introduce exciting new tactics. There are currently 36 operators, and the upcoming Chimera update will increase this to 38, meaning there is a favourite soldier for every type of player. 

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We are still eagerly awaiting a proper glimpse at some of the Rainbow Six Siege new operators awaiting us in Year 3, which should arrive on February 18, 2018 at the Six Invitational 2018. Judging from the release schedule for the previous season, it is likely that Rainbow Six Siege Chimera will hit test servers on February 20 for a run of two week. That puts the official Rainbow Six Siege Chimera release date at March 6, 2018. Anyone who does not own a Year 3 Pass will be able to access it a week later on March 13.

Until then, however, we do at least know the nations that the new Rainbow Six Siege operators are coming from, which gives us a rough idea of what gear they will bring to the shooter.

Rainbow Six Siege new operators - Year 3

Year 3 will introduce eight new operators to Siege. In Season 1 - Operation Chimera - we will be introduced to new French and Russian operators, each an expert in biohazard terrorism. This will be the first time that Siege has offered up a pair of operators that do not both come from the same military outfit, and something that they will repeat for Season 3 when Delta Force (USA) and Scotland Yard (UK) operators are added. 

Season 2 will introduce Italy’s GIS, while Season 4 will add a pair of Moroccan GIGR operators. Both these factions will ship with maps set in their respective regions, while Seasons 1 and 3 will bring something slightly different to the table, starting with Outbreak

Rainbow Six new operators - White Noise

If it has been a while since you last played Rainbow Six Siege then here are the most recently added batch of new Rainbow Six Siege operators.

Dokkaebi - Attacker

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  • Gadget: Logic Bomb
  • Armour: 2/3
  • Speed: 2/3

Dokkaebi is perhaps Siege’s most unusual operator. Embracing the cyberpunk attitude of Korea’s technological youth, rather than use military hardware she opts for a custom tablet computer complete with cute hacker tag icons. The tablet is used to dial the phones of the enemy team, causing them to ring and vibrate. Effectively, Dokkaebi reveals the location of hiding enemies by making them buzz. 

Defenders can choose to spend a few seconds pulling out their phones to turn them off, or simply let it ring, but both options leave them vulnerable. Attracting enemies could work out in a defender’s favour, of course, if they can set up an effective ambush before Dokkaebi makes her move. 

In addition to making calls, the tablet can be used to hack into the phones of fallen enemies. This grants Dokkaebi access to the defenders’ entire CCTV network, including any extra cameras installed by Valkyrie. For a team with excellent communication, the information provided by those cameras is a powerful asset. 

For weaponry, Dokkaebi can choose from either a DMR rifle or double-barrelled shotgun for her primary, and a pair of machine pistols for a sidearm. The shotgun is particularly interesting; its double-barrelled nature means it needs reloading after every two shots, and so is not ideal for assaults in the way pump-actions are. But it is the munitions that are most unusual: solid slugs instead of buckshot. This should mean powerful stopping power over ranges longer than typical shotguns.   

Vigil - Defender

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  • Gadget: ERC-7
  • Armour: 1/3
  • Speed: 3/3

Vigil brings a whole new stealth angle to defending, since his gadget allows him to become invisible. Well, sort of. His ERC-7 removes him from the images seen by drones, meaning attackers scouting areas with their little remote control cameras won’t be able to see him. 

The attacking team do have a variety of counters. The device causes ‘white noise’ artifacting to appear on a drone’s camera feed when they are within 12 meters of Vigil, and the effect increases at eight meters, meaning they can at least detect if he is in the area or not. Thatcher’s EMP grenades will disrupt the cloak, as will Twitch’s taser. IQ’s tech scanner is also able to see exactly where Vigil is. On top of that, the effect is not permanent; it lasts just a short time, and must cool down before repeated use. Used skilfully, though, we can see this being a real game changer when it comes to ambush tactics. 

In his arsenal, Vigil has the same shotgun and machine pistols as Dokkaebi, but swaps the rifle for a submachine gun. It is a classic defender kit, with every option potentially allowing a very quick kill should he get the drop on someone. 

Zofia - Attacker

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  • Gadget: KS79 LIFELINE
  • Armour: 2/3
  • Speed: 2/3

The second Polish operator coming to Siege is Zofia, the older sister of Ela. Like Ela, Zofia is equipped with a disorientating gadget that can be used to non-lethally stun opponents, but there is much more to her gadget than that. 

The LIFELINE is a double-barreled grenade launcher that can fire both bouncing stun and impact breaching munitions. Best of all, these payloads can be swapped between without the need to reload. That means she can fire a breaching round, destroy a wall, and then follow up immediately with a stun grenade to dazzle enemies inside the room. 

A second ability allows Zofia to bring herself back from downed status. The process, which works a little like Doc’s self-revive ability, takes five seconds, and returns Zofia to battle with just 1hp. It can only be used once per round, but this second wind may provide the turning point a disastrous match desperately needs. 

Zofia’s weaponry loadout includes the same RG15 pistol as her sister, meaning both have access to a sidearm with a permanently affixed sight. For primary firepower, she has access to either the LMG-E or M762. As the name suggests, the M762 chambers the heavy 7.62mm cartridge and thus should provide excellent stopping power. The LMG-E, on the other hand, is a 150-round box magazine-fed compact machine gun that should keep going strong in extended encounters.

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