Rainbow Six Siege new operators

New Rainbow Six Siege operators arrive every three months - here's everything you need to know about the latest batch

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Rainbow Six Siege new operators are great at helping mix up the game. Each new season introduces new operators that alter the meta and introduce exciting new tactics. There are currently 40 operators, and the upcoming Grim Sky update will increase this to 42, meaning there is a favourite soldier for every type of player.

We are still eagerly awaiting a proper glimpse at the last two of the Rainbow Six Siege new operators awaiting us in Year 3, which should arrive towards the end of 2018 at the Season Eight Pro League finals. Until then, however, we do at least know the nations that the new Rainbow Six Siege operators are coming from, which gives us a rough idea of what gear they will bring to the table.

The most recent pair of Rainbow Six Siege new operators, Clash and Maverick, are currently available to play in the TTS, with a full release expected during the first week of September. Below you’ll find a full roundup of their loadouts, abilities, and stats. We also have the same information for the previous season’s new operators, in case it’s been some time since you last logged in.

Rainbow Six Siege new operators – Year 3

Year 3 will introduce eight new operators to Siege. In Season 1 – Operation Chimera – we were introduced to new French and Russian operators, each an expert in biohazard terrorism. In Season 2’s Operation Para Bellum we met two Italian operators from the GIS. Grim Sky adds another two new Rainbow Six Siege operators, Clash from Scotland Yard and Maverick from Delta Force.

As for later this year, Season 4 will bolster Team Rainbow with a pair of Moroccan GIGR operators. The Moroccan faction will ship with a map set in their country, while Seasons 1 and 3 introduced something slightly different, starting with Outbreak in Season 1 and a rework of the Hereford map in Season 3.

In addition, this year will also be the first time that Siege has offered up a pair of operators that do not come from the same military outfit. Season 1 saw Lion and Finka come from GIGN (France) and Spetsnaz (Russia), and this is something that Ubisoft repeated for Season 3 when the Delta Force (USA) and Scotland Yard (UK) operators were added.


Here’s a rundown of the weapons, stats, gadgets, and backgrounds of the two new operators added as part of Operation Grim Sky, the third season of Siege Year 3.

rainbow six siege new operators maverick


Exothermic-S “Suri” Torch

Exothermic-S “Suri” Torch

Maverick’s blowtorch can carve through reinforced walls like a hot knife through butter - as it's not digital you won’t be hampered by Mute or Bandit, too. Also you can create works of art with it if you’ve got steady aim.

  • RoleAttacker
  • Armour1/3
  • Speed3/3

Erik “Maverick” Thorn is a fast, lethal attacker who can draw murder holes in reinforced walls with a modified blowtorch. His gadget makes him the most versatile hard breacher in the game, capable of creating large entry points or a series of small gaps that his teammates can use to peer into the objective room.

The real highlight of Maverick’s gadget is that it isn’t affected by Mute Jammers or Bandit Batteries, which means you don’t have to bring a Thatcher along as support. While the blowtorch can be used to create holes large enough to vault through, it’s most effective at opening up new angles onto the objective site so your team can lock down rotation routes.

Maverick’s loadout is impressive, too. In terms of primary weapons, he can either bring the AR-15.50, a powerful and accurate DMR, or the M4, which is rapid-firing but comes with lots of recoil. His sidearm is the punchy, classic-feeling 1911 TACOPS. Your choice of gadgets is smoke grenades or claymores, but we’d suggest taking smokes and bringing a Glaz along with you as sniping support.

Maverick spent a long time working in Afghanistan as an Intelligence Officer, serving in the city of Kabul, which he fell in love with. He built intelligence networks, established safe houses, and tracked key targets until he missing while investigating the whereabouts of a missing reporter. Two years later he returned with all the information needed to bring a major insurgency to its knees.


CCE Shield

CCE Shield

Block entry points and stop rushed with Clash’s fully extended, totally bulletproof CCE Shield. Effective for supporting roamers or anchors alike, this shield’s damaging, slowing tasers will make attackers think twice before pushing aggressively.

  • RoleDefender
  • Armour3/3
  • Speed1/3

Morowa “Clash” Evans is the Grim Sky defender from Scotland Yard and the first defensive operator to use a shield. She’s slow, but nobody is better than her when it comes to stopping rushers in their tracks.

Clash’s CCE Shield is fully extended, so you can’t use a weapon while holding it. To make up for this, it comes equipped to tasers that slow and damage any enemies that get too close to you. Clash is best used as a support to roamers because she can gather intel on enemy whereabouts and distract them while roamers flank them looking for an easy kill.

There are some drawbacks to the CCE Shield, such as Clash not being able to melee, shoot, or interact with objects while holding it – she can also be staggered by enemy melee strikes and some gadgets. Clash has the choice of either the SPSMG9 machine pistol or P-10C handgun for her secondary (take the SPSMG9) and can bring either impact grenades or barbed wire as her secondary gadget.

Here’s an excerpt from Clash’s official bio: “Born and raised in England, Clash is a tough officer who served with the Territorial Support Group, holding the front line during the 2011 London Riots. She earned her spot with the Specialist Firearms Command (SCO19), making herself known within London’s Metropolitan Police Services (MPS). She’s an expert at devising crowd-control strategies and she even acquired special permission to attend Gold Command meetings. She later made Detective Constable. Her experience, service record and persistence in her line of work got her noticed by Rainbow Six.”

Rainbow Six Siege new operators – Para Bellum

Here’s a rundown of the weapons, stats, gadgets, and backgrounds of the two new operators added as part of Operation Para Bellum, the second season of Siege Year 3.

rainbow six siege new operators alibi 2


  • Prisma


    Alibi carries three Prisma devices, which create holographic copies of herself. The holograms cannot move and stand perfectly still - those who shoot a hologram will be tagged for a few seconds.

    • RoleDefender
    • Armour1/3
    • Speed3/3

Aria de Luca – AKA Alibi – is a Rainbow Six Siege operator inspired by infiltration specialists from Italy’s GIS special forces. A three speed, one armour roaming defender, she deploys holographic decoys to confuse attackers and open up new opportunities for the defending team.

Alibi carries three Prisma devices, which create holographic copies of herself. The holograms cannot move and stand perfectly still, meaning they may not easily fool the sharpest enemy players. However, those who do open fire on a hologram will be tagged for a few seconds, allowing Alibi to circle round and go in for the kill.

Alibi’s signature weapon is the Mx4 Storm, a very modern SMG with a respectable rate of fire and handling. If that doesn’t appeal she can also make use of ACS12, an automatic shotgun with a 30-round drum magazine that can practically delete soft walls from existence. Alibi can also choose from either the Keratos .357 or Bailiff 410 revolvers for a sidearm, the latter of which fires shotgun shells. This arsenal makes her a versatile, punchy defender, able to mop up enemies she has confused with ease.

Alibi was born in a Libya, but moved to Italy with her family as a child. Her father worked as part of the arms trade, which meant she began firing guns at a young age. By 18 she was a Gold-level European Championship shooter. As an adult, Alibi had a short career with the Italian police, but soon moved onto working with the Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale, fighting organised crime. Her achievements with the unit earned her a spot in the Gruppo Intervento Speciale, where she operated as an undercover agent to bring down the Vinciguerra Crime Family from the inside, a task that took several years.

rainbow six siege new operators maestro 2


  • Evil Eye

    Evil Eye

    A remote-controlled bullet-proof camera/turret hybrid that can be accessed via Maestro's phone. Maestro carries two of these and they can be placed much like Jäger’s ADS.

    • RoleDefender
    • Armour3/3
    • Speed1/3

Maestro is all about blocking attacker access to key locations, thanks to his ability to both engage with enemies far from his own location, and lay down heavy, sustained fire. Inspired by the Italian GIS’s explorers and scouts, he is able to place a remote-controlled bullet-proof camera/turret hybrid in a key position on the map and activate it from a safe position.

Two Evil Eye cameras can be taken into battle, and they are deployed in a similar way to Jager’s ADS. The camera is then accessed via Maestro’s phone. While in camera mode no enemy fire can damage the camera, aside from explosives or Sledge’s hammer. But the bullet-proof shutters must be retracted to fire the Evil Eye’s laser, leaving it vulnerable for a few seconds. It’s important to note the laser is not entirely fatal; each blast does five damage, and so must be fired repeatedly to kill an enemy. Repeated blasts will cause the laser to overheat and stop functioning for a time, and so the laser is more of a Twitch drone-style annoyance rather than a true killing machine.

Maestro’s main weapon is the ALDA 5.56 LMG, a machine gun with roots in the classic WW2 MG42. This is a huge change for Siege; up until now, LMGs and larger calibre weapons were almost exclusively held by attackers only. The ability for defenders to lay down long-term sustained fire is a game changer, and opens up new tactical opportunities, especially when it comes to pinning down advancing enemies and denying access to areas. Indeed, when combined with his Evil Eye, Maestro is perhaps Siege’s most effective area denial operator.

Maestro is the code name for Adriano Martello. Having started his career as part of Carabinieri’s elite 1st Paratrooper Regiment: Tuscania. After a number of distinguished tours, Martello qualified for GIS, where he would go on to take part in a joint operation in Iraq and be injured by an IED. Down but not out, Martello quit GIS in order to become a private military consultant, offering boot camps for Tier 2 and 3 operators. He finally returned Tuscania to train one of their Tier 2 specialists, and this led to him joining Rainbow.

Rainbow Six Siege new operators – Chimera

Here’s a rundown of the weapons, stats, gadgets, and backgrounds of the two new operators added as part of Operation Chimera, the first update as part of Siege Year 3.

rainbow six siege new operators finka


  • Nanobot Shot

    Nanobot Shot

    This team-wide buff boosts health, steadies aim, and revives any allies in a DBNO state. Finka can use this ability three times.

    • RoleAttacker
    • Armour2/3
    • Speed2/3

Finka’s nanobots are the most sci-fi like of Rainbow’s gadgets to date: a team-wide buff that when activated boosts health, steadies aim, and revives any allies in a DBNO state. She is not particularly bulky herself, and graded as a medium speed, medium armour operator. As for Finka’s weapons, she can bring the Spear .308, which is clearly based on the Saritch 308, which is a prototype battle rifle from Russia. This assault rifle is one of the most accurate in the game when firing on full auto, though its damage figures and rate of fire are rather average. Alternatively, she can use SASG-12 shotgun or 6P41 LMG, which you will recognise from the arsenals of Fuze and other Russian operators. Likewise, Finka’s sidearms, the PMM Pistol and the GSH-18, are also already in use by her fellow Spetsnaz.

Of all the new Rainbow Six Siege operators, Finka’s ability is probably the easiest to deploy, but saving one of her three adrenal surges for a downed teammate requires some careful timing. She is especially effective when supporting an aggressive rushing attack where victory or defeat comes down to one or two bullets. Each Adrenal Surge grants a temporary 20HP boost and lasts for 20 seconds, during which time the gadget is in cooldown. A couple of other things to note about this ability: while active, all teammates will move through barbed wire faster, and recover from concussion and flashbang effects quicker, too. But there are side effects as well: you will take more damage from Smoke’s toxic babes, be detectable from longer range with Pulse’s HB-5 Cardiac Sensor, and the ability will be cancelled out if you are hit by a blast from Echo’s Yokai drone or one of Lesion’s Gu mines.

According to Finka’s bio, her real name is Lera Melnikov and she was born three years after the Chernobyl disaster in the irradiated city of Gomel, Belarus. Like many born in near Chernobyl, Lera suffered from birth defects, in her case a neuropathy that included the slow degeneration of muscles and the loss of sensation in the limbs and extremities. This urged her to study in medicine where many years later she developed self-dissolving nanites that allowed her to offset the effects of her neuropathy. As for her relationships with other operators, Finka’s condition is closely monitored by Doc, she also has a mentor in the form of Kapkan, and a drinking buddy and flirtatious friend in Tachanka.

rainbow six siege new operators lion


  • EE-One-D


    This drone flies overhead and can deploy two map scans, which display a realtime outline of any enemies caught moving during the four seconds that the scan is active for.

    • RoleAttacker
    • Armour2/3
    • Speed2/3

The new Rainbow Six Siege operator, Lion, might possess one of the largest character models in the game, but he boasts a surprising mid-range armour and speed rating. Lion’s ability is best thought of as temporary, team-wide wallhacks. His EE-One-D drone that can be seen overhead scans the map for enemy movement, and displays a perfect, realtime outline of any enemy caught moving during the four seconds that the scan is active for – expect wallbangs. The whole team can see the outlines of enemies, but both teams get a clear three-second countdown to prepare. Defenders can rotate in place, aim down sights, and change stance without being detected – they can also move about freely if they are within a Mute Jammer’s radius. Lion can call in three scans per round, so learning to avoid detection from this new Rainbow Six Siege operator is highly advised.

His primary weapon, the V308, is a carbine variant of a Vector much like Mira’s, but with a huge drum magazine – its rate of fire is slow and its recoil high, but it packs a hefty punch. He can also be equipped with a 417 Marksman rifle like Twitch’s, or the GIGN’s SG-CQB shotgun. As for his secondary weapons – Lion can bring either the P9 Pistol or the LFP586 revolver.

Lion’s full name is Olivier Flament. He was born to a wealthy Catholic family and grew up studying medicine, but he did not follow the faith of his family and adopted a lifestyle of rebellion that resulted in an unwanted pregnancy with his girlfriend, his parents slamming the door on him, and hospitalisation after a drug-fueled bender. With nowhere to go, Olivier joined the French Army, worked his way up through the ranks and joined the GIGN. Over the next few years Oliver responded to various outbreaks, including yellow fever in Sudan (where he earnt the name Lion by shouting back a large mob), the ebola epidemic in West Africa, and a chlorine mist that descended over Sussex. Many died in the West Africa epidemic, mainly due to decisions Lion made for safety and containment reasons; Doc has been at odds with Lion about his handling of the crisis ever since.