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Rainbow Six Siege new operators

New Rainbow Six Siege operators arrive every three months - here's everything you need to know about the latest batch

Steel Wave patch notes

Rainbow Six Siege new operators are great at helping mix up the game. Each new season introduces new operators that alter the meta and introduce exciting new tactics. As of Operation Void Edge, there are currently 54 operators, and the next season update, Operation Steel Wave will increase this to 56, meaning there is a favourite soldier for every type of player.

We are still eagerly awaiting the full Steel Wave release date so we can see how those Rainbow Six Siege new operators play on live servers. But for now, we’ve got the full rundown of gadgets and guns for the upcoming Ace and Melusi, plus some tips on how to use each of them.

Below you’ll find a full roundup of their loadouts, abilities, and stats. We also have the same information for the previous season’s new operators, from Void Edge all the way back to Burnt Horizon, in case it’s been some time since you last logged in and you need a refresh on what’s new.

Rainbow Six Siege new operators Steel Wave

Ace and Melusi are the two Steel Wave operators. Ace further expands the attacking team’s hard breach options with his throwable devices, while defender Melusi can slow attackers down to a crawl using her Banshee devices. You can read more about them in the Rainbow Six Siege Steel Wave patch notes.

Ace loadout Rainbow Six Siege


Håvard Haugland is our Norwegian attacker. He’s described as “somewhat of a mystery” and even having a “hunger for positive publicity” in his psychological report. “His persona drives him to be congenial and to excel in working closely with his peers, at least until the time comes to give a post-mission interview. But behind the façade there is a struggle that I wonder if Haugland is aware of. Certainly if he has insecurities they’re in no way crippling, but it is strange to attempt to analyze someone who so fully inhabits their surface-level traits.”

Ace is a hard breacher that takes elements from both Hibana and Thermite. His throwable S.E.L.M.A. devices stick to destructible surfaces before detonating, and after the initial detonation the device unfurls and creates two more breaches. The total breach is large enough to move through easily – though not as sizable as a Thermite breach – so the fact that Ace carries three S.E.L.M.A. devices means he is unrivaled in terms of how many entry points he can create in reinforced walls. As these devices are throwable, you can also deploy them on a three-panel wall in a matter of seconds, making it almost impossible to counter.

There are drawbacks. As the S.E.L.M.A. devices use gravity to unfurl, you’ll need to use two of them to open up a single reinforced hatch. The total time it takes to open up a full breach with this device is 12 seconds, so it’s also highly unlikely that the device won’t be countered by a Mute, Bandit, Kaid, Nitro Cell, or Impact Grenade in that time either. As these are thrown devices, you can also expect to lose a few to Jager and Wamai.

Ace gets one of the best body shot damage guns in the game, the AK12, complete with NATO sights. If you prefer a shotgun, he can also use the M1014, although that’s definitely the weaker option. Your pistol choice is the P9, a sturdy if unremarkable sidearm. Finally, Ace can take either Breach Charges or Smoke Grenades. We suggest taking Smoke Grenades as this will allow Ace to breach and plant all on his own.

Melusi loadout Rainbow Six Siege


Thandiwe Ndlovu is our South African defender. She grew up near the Ithala Game Reserve and spent many years exploring the park with a close friend, where they learnt a great deal about the animals that iced there, and the poachers that hunted them. Ndlovu signed up with the South African National Defence Force to broaden her skillset, before moving on to the 1 Parachute Battalion. She was badly injured on an operation in Central African Republic and was forced to retire from the armed services, but when her childhood pal requested help protecting Hluhluwe–Imfolozi Park she knew it was the perfect fit – together they formed the core of the Inkaba Task Force Anti-Poaching Unit.

Melusi’s gadget is the Banshee Sonic Defence system, a pyramid-shaped device that can be deployed on surfaces much like Maestro’s Evil Eye or Jager’s ADS. They’re fully automated, so you don’t have to hop on cams, and when activated by an attacker’s presence they emit a loud droning sound that slows attacker movement. It’s bulletproof, but can be destroyed by explosives and a melee strike, so you’ll want to protect them as much as possible by partnering up with a Wamai or Jager to pluck any explosives out of the air and force attackers to walk through the slowing effect.

The slowing effect increases the closer an attacker gets to the device and slows about as much as Barbed Wire when passing right next to one. The effect does stack with other slowing effects like Clash’s CCE Shield, so you can pop a Clash in a corridor with some Banshees nearby and create an almighty obstacle for attackers.

These devices are handy for Melusi who will have an advantage over anyone stuck in them as she’s a three-speed operator, and can peak and take gunfights more aggressively. However, they also provide benefits for the entire team, whether that’s intel on where an attacker is pushing from, or to make it harder for attackers to escape lethal defender gadgets like Smoke’s Remote Gas Grenade, Nitro Cells, Evil Eyes, and Volcan Shields. Because of this you can play Melusi however you want – on site anchor or roamer, she’ll be helping out the team regardless.

Melusi’s kit includes the T-5 SMG, Super 90 shotgun, RG15 pistol, and either Impact Grenades or Deployable Shields. The T-5 SMG is very powerful and versatile, so we always recommend using that. You can make an argument for the Super 90 if you’re holding a key chokepoint – the Banshee will give you all the intel you need to round a corner and unload on whoever is stuck in the device’s scream.

Rainbow Six SIege new operators Void Edge

Iana and Oryx are the newest additions to Rainbow Six Siege’s constantly growing roster of operators. The former adds a decoy to the attacking team, while Oryx is a defender who can run through walls. The two do not appear to share a CTU, but Oryx is Jordanian, while Iana is from Netherlands. For more thoughts, check out our Void Edge review.

YouTube Thumbnail


Iana is an ambitious operator who pioneered the topographical mapping software behind her Gemini Replicator gadget while studying for her systems engineering doctorate. Her gadget creates a controllable hologram that is identical to her, and when activated Iana goes directly inside the clone and controls it. While the decoy hologram looks and sounds like Iana, it’s pretty fragile – all it takes is a Signal Jammer, some electricity, or a single bullet to break the hologram.

The hologram can be used to tempt out defender gadgets like Goyo’s shields, Smoke’s gas canisters, and nitro cells. Alternatively, you can have an entry-fragger in close support of the clone, ready to re-frag the second the drone is destroyed. We have also used the hologram to trick enemies into watching the wrong angles, allowing us to grab an easy kill from a different entry point.

Iana can carry either the ARX200 or G36C assault rifle as her primary, while she can only take the Mk1 9mm pistol as a secondary weapon. Her secondary gadget choice is between smoke and frag grenades. She is a two-armour, two-speed operator.


Not much is known about Oryx. The Jordanian defender mysteriously turned up at Kaid’s fortress one day in search of a master and is the unofficial second-in-command of the fortress.

Oryx does not have a gadget, instead he employs sheer will and athleticism to give him the edge in combat. His Remah Dash is a super-fast sprint that Oryx uses to charge through soft walls, barricades, and even knock down operators, including Montagne. He take ten damage for running through a wall, so it’s wise to pair him with a Doc if you plan on using the ability in this way. Oryx gets three uses of his Remah Dash, but they recharge over time. The sprint also allows Oryx to temporarily move faster than any other op, despite being a two-speed, two-armour operator.

Oryx’s other trick is that he can leap up through destroyed hatches, provided it’s not onto a roof. This leaves him vulnerable for a few seconds, but makes Oryx an unrivaled roamer. To help him open up hatches, Oryx can carry the Bailiff shotgun pistol. If you prefer you can choose the Spas-12 shotgun as a primary, but we advise taking the MP5, even though this one can’t carry an ACOG scope. To round things off, Oryx can pick either barbed wire or a bulletproof cam as his secondary gadget.

Rainbow Six Siege new operators Shifting Tides

Kali and Wamai are the latest operators to mix up the meta, with the former adding a Thatcher alternative and the game’s first true sniper rifle, and the latter giving Jager some competition on defense. The two new ops come as hired guns from Nighthaven.

Artwork of Kali aiming rifle in Siege Shifting Tides


A determined and driven sniper from Amreli, India, Kali was born to wealthy parents but never cruised by on her family’s success. At a young age Kali decided to join the military only to discover that women weren’t allowed to join combat units, an obstacle she circumvented by creating Nighthaven, a private security company that operates overseas.

Kali’s primary weapon is the CSRZ 300 bolt-action sniper rifle, which comes with a variable 5x and 12x scope. Each round can travel through multiple enemies, making it possible to kill multiple targets with one shot, and any body shot will instantly down the target. It’s a very powerful weapon in the right hands, but if you’re not likely to get your first shot right then you may struggle with it. The sniper rifle also boasts an underbarrel attachment that fires an LV Explosive Lance – these rounds bore into reinforced walls and explode on both sides, destroying any gadgets nearby.

Rounding out her already versatile kit, Kali can take the C75 Auto as an entry-fragging sidearm, or the surprisingly effective P226 MK25 pistol. She can also choose between breach charges and a claymore as her secondary gadget. Overall, Kali has an answer for just about every obstacle, but you’ll need some excellent reactions and accuracy to make the most out of her sniper rifle. She’s a great flex pick if Thatcher has been banned in ranked, too, and while her gadget is a little easier to beat with Kaid and Bandit gadgets she’s a solid backup. To round things off nicely, she’s also a two-armour, two-speed, although she’s a little slower with the sniper rifle equipped.

Rainbow Six Siege Wamai


One of the top Nighthaven agents, Wamai was born to a fishing family on the coast of Kenya, and spent his childhood hunting sharks and collecting lost treasures from the ocean floor. It became clear that Wamai was different to others as he was able to stay underwater for far longer, affirming a long-standing belief in Wamai that he is ‘not from here’. Upon reach adulthood, Wamai joined the kenyan Navy, then the Kenyan Special Boat Service, quickly impressing officers as a prolific freediver.

Like Kali is to Thatcher, Wamai is a solid alternative to Jager on defense thanks to his Mag-NET devices, which can be thrown onto any surface and hoover up the first grenade in its radius, drawing it close to the Mag-NET, suspending it in the air, resetting its fuse, and finally detonating them. These recharge much like Lesion’s Gu Mines, so the longer Wamai stays alive the more effective he is. Exercise caution when placing these, however, as they can be deadly to defenders if they accidentally steer a projectile closer to its intended target. We’ve had great success using these stealthy devices outside of the objective, hidden like Valkyrie cameras – we’ve even had the odd frag grenade kill as an unwitting Buck or Sledge failed to locate the device before pulling the pin.

In terms of his kit, Wamai’s choice of primary weapons is unique among defenders – he can take either the Aug A2 assault rifle, or the MP5K SMG. The Aug is the obvious pick as it’s the only assault rifle on the defensive side except for Jager’s 416-C Carbine. His secondary choices are a little more plain, with either the D40 or P12 pistols to switch to in a pinch. Finally, you can bring either barbed wire or a deployable shield along as a secondary gadget, which are both handy for stalling out attacking pushes.

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Rainbow Six Siege new operators – Ember Rise

Amaru and Goyo are the two new Rainbow Six Siege operators arriving in Operation Ember Rise. Hailing from Peru and Mexico respectively, both South American operators excel at flexibility, Amaru adding a grappling gun to the attacking team and Goyo helping lock down the site with his explosive shields. Both operators and a reworked Kanal map will arrive with the Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise release date.

Rainbow Six Siege new operators Amaru


Specialist Azucena Rocío “Amaru” Quispe started out as an anthropologist striving to preserve Peru’s shared cultural heritage. She served for the Policía Nacional del Perú (PNP) for several years before shifting to a freelance archaeologist focused on the discovery and categorization of new archaeological sites. After several clashes with antiquities traffickers, and failed attempts to bring them down from within, Amaru turned her attention to guerrilla tactics in order to recover important artifacts and locations for the Peruvian State.

Away from the lore, Amaru’s main gadget is the Garra Hook. This grappling gun can be used to rapidly ascend buildings, hot breach through windows, or even go up through destroyed hatches. This gadget propels Amaru at seven metres per second, allowing her to rush the objective from any angle, faster even than Ash. That makes Garra a superb entry fragger and flanker, as she can bust through a window without warning or quickly fall off one angle and adopt a new one faster than any other attacker.

Amaru can either take the G8A1 LMG that you may be used to from IQ’s arsenal or the Supernova shotgun used by Hibana – the G8A1 is one of the most underrated LMGs in Rainbow Six Siege, and it improved with the new angles grip attachment. The SMG-11 can equipped as a powerful secondary weapon, but if you want to be able to open up hatches for yourself then you can grab Mira’s ITA12S as a secondary shotgun. Alternatively, if you’re able to use the SMG-11 for your main fragging needs then you can use the Supernova for popping hatches. Secondary gadget choices are nice and simple: breach charges of claymores.

Amaru partners well with distraction ops like Ying, Dokkaebi, Lion, and Fuze, as she can use the brief window where enemies are disoriented to get inside and start causing chaos.

Rainbow Six Siege new operators Goyo


César “Goyo” Ruiz Hernández was only eleven years old when a bomb destroyed his home, killing his father and sister, and severely injuring his mother. With the help of Amaru, César’s mother taught him to observe his surroundings, and to avoid the other boys his age who had become involved with gangs. Eventually, Césarat joined the Heroic Naval Military School, where he graduated as a teniente de corbeta. He joined the Naval Infantry next, then the Amphibious Commando Battalion, participating extensively in anti-smuggling ops and assisting in several high-profile arrests. Becoming a member of the Fuerzas Especiales introduced him to the reality that drugs were no longer the primary source of income for the cartels. He began working with UNESCO and INTERPOL to combat antiquities trafficking, where Goyo gained the attention of Rainbow as a mind with a keen tactical sense and exceptional forward-thinking.

On the battlefield, Goyo’s gadget is the simple but effective Volcan Shield. From the attacker’s perspective, this is an ordinary Deployable Shield, but behind the shield is an explosive fuel canister – shoot this and fire will spread across a large area and burn for 12 seconds. If the initial explosion doesn’t kill an attacker, then the resulting fire will, and if you just need to buy your team a few seconds then popping the canister is a great way to halt an attack while you plan your next move. Goyo gets three of these shields, and they can be shot by any teammate, enemy, or even triggered by a Maestro Evil Eye or Kapkan trap. Because of this, Goyo can either anchor or roam, which is reflected by his versatile kit.

If you prefer to hold down the site and use the shield’s one-way mirror slats to peek opponents then you should take the Vector .45 ACP. If you prefer long lines of sight and fighting with an ACOG, then you should opt for Kaid’s TCSG12 slug shotgun. The only secondary available is the P229 pistol. Finally, Goyo can carry either the nitro cell or impact grenades – the former for roaming, the latter for anchoring.

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Rainbow Six Siege new operator – Phantom Sight

Denmark gets its first operator in the form of stealthy attacker Nokk, while the US Secret Service is represented by anchoring defender Warden. These two new Rainbow Six Siege operators make up Operation Phantom Sight, the second season of Rainbow Six Siege Year 4.

nokk in rainbow six siege


Pretty much nothing is known about who Nokk actually is. Due to reasons of national security, everything on her personal file is redacted – her files, however, have been passed onto Six. Here’s what we do know:

“Nøkk enlisted at the Army NCO School in Sønderborg, then enrolled at the Royal Danish Military Academy where she graduated at the rank of First Lieutenant. With four deployments under her belt, Nøkk underwent additional special operations training, earning her Jægerkorpset maroon beret with skills in covert ops, combat search and rescue, direct action, special recon, arctic warfare, and advanced breaching. Nøkk served in Afghanistan and Iraq, often alone in deep undercover behind enemy lines. She received commendations for eliminating hostile insurgents in surgical strikes and was responsible for uncovering Erik “Maverick” Thorn’s location, forwarding that intel to the Unit.

Nøkk keeps her identity hidden from all but her fellow operators. NATO’s O&P division recommended Nøkk for Rainbow as one of its deep cover specialists.”

When it comes to playing as Nokk it’s tricky to figure out exactly what role she fulfills. She’s a two-armour, two-speed attacker with a gadget that temporarily cloaks her to cameras and quietens her footsteps. While we’ve gotten used to stealthy defenders thanks to Vigil and Caveira, creeping into a building without giving away your position is novel. She’s best used far, far away from the rest of the attack, where she can slip past cameras and rush across flanking routes without being noticed.

You should be familiar with her weaponry as she carries Smoke’s FMG9 or Lesion’s SIX12 Suppressed shotgun as her primary weapons. As for her secondaries, you can take either a 5.7 USG pistol or a D.50 – except this one differs from Valkyrie’s in that you can strap a suppressor on it, drastically decreasing its recoil.

warden in rainbow six siege


Here’s what we know about the 48-year-old Warden. “Collinn McKinley enrolled in the Marine Corps at 18 and earned several commendations in his service jacket for his aggressive quick-thinking, achieving Master Sergeant despite a few minor infractions on his record. After his third tour, he left the Marines and entered the Secret Service in close-protection detail.

McKinley’s agility was instrumental in saving Secretary of State Baldwin’s life when insurgents attacked the U.S. diplomatic junket. Baldwin later went on to win the U.S. Presidential and requested McKinley be assigned to the Presidential Protective Division. McKinley has spent over a decade in Washington, protecting important political figures. He is the foremost expert in close protection detail, and with President Baldwin finishing his second term, McKinley has received high endorsements for his transition into Rainbow.”

Warden is a typical anchor with his three-armour defensive bonus and his gadget, which allows him to see through smoke and flash grenades once activated. Playing Warden is all about holding down the objective room and punishing overly aggressive pushes or denying defuser plants under cover of smoke. He’s a direct counter to Ying, Blitz, and operators who use smoke to push in like Montagne, Capitao, and Glaz.

Like Nokk, Warden’s weapons have also been seen on other operators. Your choice of primary weapons is either Valkyrie’s MPX or the SAS shotgun, while your secondary weapon choices are P-10C or the SMG12. As for secondary gadgets, Warden can bring either the Deployable Shield or Barbed Wire into battle with him.

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Rainbow Six Siege new operators – Burnt horizon

The two new Rainbow Six Siege operators from Burnt Horizon hail from the Australian SASR CTU. Mozzie is the new defender and can hack attacker drones and use them himself, while attacker gridlock can lay traps to cut off rotation routes. Check out the Rainbow Six Siege Burnt Horizon release date or learn more about Rainbow Six Siege Year 4.

rainbow six siege burnt horizon review


Tori Tallyo Fairous has is a natural born leader and has worked with engines and robotics her whole life. Her mechanical background was a hangover from her father, who worked on military aircraft. Fairous joined the Australian army reserves to improve her engineering skills, not to mention her access to better tools. over her career, Fairous has gained experience in a range of weapons, gathering intel, and close protection. This unique skill set made her an essential recruit into the SASR Mobility Platoon.

In-game, Gridlock stands out as one of the only three-armour attackers in the game. As she is slower than most other attackers, she is best positioned as a rear-guard, a role which suits her gadget, Trax Stingers, down to the ground. She carries three of these and each one spits out enough spiky traps to completely clog up a corridor, staircase, or small room. The traps don’t do a huge amount of damage, but defenders will need to either shoot them in order to clear a path or wave goodbye to a significant chunk of their HP. These make Gridlock great at countering roamers and securing post-plant scenarios.

In terms of weaponry, Gridlock can carry either the F90 assault rifle or a modified version of the M249 LMG with a side-mounted magazine and a cleaner version of the ACOG scope. She also has access to the Super Shorty pump-action shotgun as a sidearm, which is great for punching through soft walls and floors. Another strength is that she can carry smoke grenades.

rainbow six siege burnt horizon review gameplay


Max Goose is a calculated daredevil with a passion for motorbikes and Rainbow Six. Goose joined the Australian Defence Force Academy straight after high school, later joining an infantry regiment that incorporated dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles in their reconnaissance operations. Goose excelled in land navigation and became the two-wheeler expert in raids, scouting, and convoy operations. His gear reflects his background: crafty, stealthy, and hard-hitting. This two-speed defender excels in counter-surveillance and his gadget, the Pest Launcher, allows him to capture and hack attacker drones, adding them to the defense’s network of cameras. Mozzie can drive these captured drones around, feeding valuable information back to his team and making life even easier for roamers.

Mozzie’s primaries both pack a hefty punch, but the Commando 9 is the better weapon for all occasions – this carbine marries power and accuracy, not to mention a particularly gorgeous reload animation. If not, you can take P10 Roni machine pistol, which dominates in CQC skirmishes. Like Gridlock, Mozzie can also take the Super Shorty shotgun, which is handy for setting up kill holes and objective defenses. Finally, Mozzie can also equip the Nitro Cell, rounding him out as a powerful fragger.

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