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Colourblind Rainbow Six Siege players can’t see Lion’s special ability

Rainbow Six Siege Chimera Lion

Rainbow Six Siege’s Chimera update is due for release next month, adding a limited-time co-op event and two new operators. But one new operator in particular has caused concern among colourblind players – Lion. 

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Colourblind player Tim Larson (aka A_Play_On_Nerds) expressed his concerns over Lion on Reddit, highlighting the issue with Lion’s EE-One-D ability.

According to Lion’s bio, the EE-One-D ability “allows Lion to survey hot zones and maintain quarantine protocols on missions.” However, the enemies captured by this ability are shown in red – a colour that colorblind people are not able to fully “see.”

“The lack of a colorblind mode has been an issue completely ignored by Ubisoft since the beginning of the game, but it is going to really hit us colorblind folk hard after this update,” Larson explains. “The game is still playable without red dot sights, but an entire ability based on a red outline? I don’t even know if I will be able to play Lion because of it. Please Ubi, if you ever even consider allowing a colorblind mode, at least do it for Lion’s ability.”

A Ubisoft representative has responded to Larson, simply saying, “I’ll raise the flag and see where we are on this.”

Hopefully this means we will see a colourblind mode implemented in Rainbow Six Siege, especially considering how often red is used in the game for red-dot sights and enemy markers.