Best Rainbow Six Siege operators in 2021

We run through the very best Rainbow Six Siege operators so you know who to pick for both attack and defence, plus how to use them

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Rainbow Six Siege is a complex shooter – perhaps one of the most intricately designed multiplayer games being played right now. The depth comes from numerous places: the destructible environments, the design of the maps, but primarily from the unique gadgets, stats, and loadouts offered by each of its playable operators. But what are the best Rainbow Six Siege operators? We have been training with the elite troopers in order to find out.

Owing to the game’s asymmetric multiplayer gameplay, Rainbow Six Siege operators come in two flavours: attackers and defenders. Currently, there are 60 Rainbow Six Siege operators to unlock and use in the game. You will also have to unlock new operators using in-game currency that you can earn through completing matches and ticking off daily challenges, so it is good to know which ones to snap up first in order to make collecting the remaining operators even faster.

We update this list of Rainbow Six Siege operators regularly to best reflect the game’s live meta, so rest assured these really are Tom Clancy’s finest operators and we’ll update this guide when the North Star release date rolls around, part of the Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 roadmap.

Here are the best Rainbow Six Siege operators:



Playing as Maverick requires a lot of practice if you want to safely and efficiently open up reinforced surfaces, but once you have mastered his gadget then he becomes one of the strongest attackers in the game. Not only can he create lines of sight without needing to clear out defender denial, like Mute jammers and Kaid claws, but he can also replace an Ace or a Thermite if you have a soft breacher working with you thanks to the Maverick trick – a method of removing the reinforcement by destroying its anchor points. On key maps like Clubhouse and Consulate he makes bringing wall denial virtually pointless.

This versatility extends to the rest of his kit. The AR-15.50 isn’t favoured often as it’s a semi-automatic rifle, but it’s incredibly strong for longer lines of sight such as holding the server wall on Clubhouse or the garage wall on Chalet. It drops with two or three rounds and fires pretty much as fast as you can spam the left mouse button, so give it a shot. The best option is probably the M4 thanks to its high rate of fire, relatively low recoil, and the fact that it can be equipped with an angled grip for faster ADS speeds. Maverick can even bring frag grenades, which is without a doubt the most powerful secondary gadget on attack.


Sledge and Buck swap places in the meta all the time, but we prefer Sledge as he tends to remain unchanged. His gadget is increasingly important as vertical play begins to permeate even mid-level ranked games, and he can open up entire floors all by himself thanks to his hammer.

Add frag grenades, a superb assault rifle that can equip almost every scope in the games, and the best secondary SMG in the game, and it’s clear that Sledge is a top tier operator. So, why has Buck lost his spot? A recent nerf removed his frag grenades, so he can no longer remove utility like Maestro cams and deployable shields.


Hard breach is a crucial role in Siege, and Ace’s throwable breaching devices can quickly open a large area from a safe distance. You don’t always want to have a Maverick carving up reinforced walls in an area where roamers can get an easy pick, so Ace is your best bet in those situations.

He’s also one of the best fraggers in the game thanks to his assault rifle, the AK-12. Statistically, the AK-12 is one of the most efficient guns in the game and it doesn’t hurt that it can carry a 2x scope and has almost no recoil. To round out his kit, he can bring smoke grenades, making him a great objective-focused operator as he can breach, smoke, and plant solo. He’s not great on hatches though – you’ll need to use two of his charges to pop open a hatch – so bring a Hibana for sites like church and arsenal on Clubhouse.


She’s almost interchangeable with Ash, but we prefer Zofia for her solo play potential. With her breaching charges she can open crucial vertical spots on maps like Kafe and Coastline, and as she has four projectiles in her launcher she can also solo-clear a Jäger stack to get rid of a shield.

Her primary assault rifle, which can carry both an angled grip and a 2x scope, deals a ton of damage per second with barely any recoil, meaning she’s perfectly capable of fragging, too. Ash isn’t quite able to solo-clear Jäger stacks, but is also a great pick for vertical play, especially if you’re an aggressive player who can get the most out of her R4-C assault rifle.


Let’s face it, Thatcher is almost always banned in ranked play, so Kali is an operator you should learn to play. She serves an almost identical role when it comes to clearing wall denial, but offers a little more versatility as she can use her projectiles to get rid of defender utility like Maestro cams, deployable shields, and bulletproof cams.

If you don’t feel comfortable playing her almighty sniper, then play her SPSMG9 secondary, which actually matches Twitch’s devastating F2 when it comes to damage per second. If you can land shots with the sniper then you’ll quickly strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.


With Pick & Ban, and a huge variety of objective sites, no one team of operators fits every attacking strategy, so it’s wise to have a few different Rainbow Six Siege operators that you can flex onto when required.


Twitch’s appeal is pretty simple: she’s got the best weapon in the game. The F2 assault rifle marries high damage, controllable recoil (even after the infamous nerf last year), and a terrifyingly fast rate of fire – plus it’s got a 1.5x scope. In addition to this, Twitch’s Shock Drone is handy for taking out Mira’s Black Mirrors and other nasty defender gadgets like Bandit’s batteries, Mute Jammers, and Jager’s Magpies.


Montagne isn’t for every bomb site, but sometimes there’s no better option than parking a bullet sponge in a doorway, planting the defuser, and letting the defenders attempt to retake the site with this French monolith standing in their way. Playing Monty requires a great deal of patience, and you should almost never lower your shield. You’ll get the most out of him when making callouts through the best gaming microphone, as he’s a walking drone, and you’ll also want some solid fraggers backing you up, as you can’t do much killing yourself.


Rarely essential, but always useful, Capitão’s pace, solid choice of weaponry, and versatile kit make him an evergreen attacking pick. His crossbow can fire two AoE fire bolts that are handy for forcing defenders out of cover or temporarily blocking rotations, while his two smoke bolts are very powerful when it comes to rushing in and planting the defuser.


She may not be important for any one thing, but Finka is an excellent supporting operator pick who can really make the difference for your team when it comes to entry fragging. For those struggling to win tight gunfights on attack, Finka’s boost to aim and health gives teammates a little more confidence when trying to push onto the objective, plus being able to remotely revive downed allies has plenty of clutch potential. With a hard breach gadget, the Gonne-6, and the 100-round 6P41 LMG in her arsenal, Finka is also pretty adept at taking the site with brute force. She can’t cut it in Pro League, but her buffs work wonders in the average Rainbow Six Siege ranked match.

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No defensive operator has managed to beat Smoke when it comes to denying plants and entry. Smoke’s three gas grenades can halt an enemy push for a total of 30 seconds, dealing enough damage to kill any operator who tries to cautiously push through the toxic cloud or plant the defuser. These gas grenades are remotely activated, so you can keep one near an entry point until the attackers try to push, activating it just in time to ruin their push.

In addition to his powerful gadget, Smoke also has a very powerful kit. His SMG-11 is a headshot machine, his M590A1 shotgun is not only the best shotgun in the game, it’s also crucial for opening up the site. Oh, and Smoke can bring a deployable shield, which is a very powerful secondary gadget and pairs with Smoke’s gadget perfectly.

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It doesn’t seem to matter how much you nerf Jäger, he’s still one of the strongest defenders in the game. There are a few reasons for this, although the main one is that he’s the most effective way of soaking up utility and protecting defenders from frag grenades. Unlike Wamai, a Jäger is free to place his gadgets and go off to roam, which is handy because his assault rifle is still one of the best defender primary weapons in the game.

If you place his gadgets correctly then they’re incredibly difficult to deal with, and as they recharge over time a poorly coordinated attacking team can easily exhaust all of their throwables trying to get a foothold onto site.


Intel is crucial to holding some sites as it allows roamers to play with significantly less risk. Smartly placed Valkyrie cams can also be used in tandem with a nitro cell to get an easy kill from below, and because every defender can use the cams you don’t have to stop at one nitro cell kill. Beyond this, Valkyrie’s cams are hard to spot and can provide key intel throughout the round, even letting dead players help out if you’re trying to clutch, too.

Her MPX SMG is pretty mediocre in the damage per shot department, but it has almost no recoil so you can easily crack heads open with it. The D-50 sidearm can’t create rotates, but can be used to hide cams in floorboards or to create vertical angles.


Lesion’s one of those operators who’s never essential, but always useful. His invisible needle mines recharge over time, meaning Lesion is an operator who gets stronger as the round draws on, and helps out the defending team by slowing attacking pushes, providing intel, and occasionally denying the plant.

Gu Mines don’t do a lot of damage initially, but as they penalise your movement speed and stop you from planting they can completely alter the course of a round – and Lesion doesn’t even need to be around to capitalise on an enemy who’s pulling the needle out. His T-5 SMG is very strong and easy to use and he can bring impact grenades to help open up the site or create escape routes if you’re roaming.


This spot could go to either Bandit or Kaid, but we believe that Mute is the best pick when it comes to keeping reinforced walls intact for as long as possible. The main reason for this is that his jammers not only stop breaching gadgets, they stop drones from gaining intel on the objective, too. Placed in tandem with Jäger’s ADS gadgets around drone holes and it can be really tricky for attackers to get a wall open unless they have a good Maverick, Kali, or – if by some miracle he’s not banned – Thatcher.

Like Smoke, Mute also benefits from the imperious combination of the SMG-11 and the M590A1 shotgun. He can stop drones, stop breaches, open up the site, and shred heads – Mute can do it all.


Every bomb site in Rainbow Six Siege requires a different defensive setup, so you’ll want to familiarise yourself with a few extra defenders to ensure you’re comfortable at all roles.


Mira is an operator who is borderline unplayable when defending some bomb sites, but who can be useless and even detrimental to the team when played on the wrong site. Her Black Mirror allows teams to play outside of the objective room, using the vision to lob nitro cells and stop players from planting the defuser, or lining up a shot and strafing to secure a kill.


Maestro is never essential, but his LMG makes him incredibly useful when it comes to holding down sites. Playing around tight angles with the LMG is lethal, and if you miss with your first burst you should have a spare 90 rounds to make something happen before you need to reload. His two Evil Eye cameras don’t offer much in terms of fragging or dissuading attackers, but as they can see through smoke and are bulletproof, they’re great for getting information on when the attackers are pushing and planting.


Goyo already found his feet in competitive Siege, not because his exploding shields are great for killing attackers, but because they add two more obstacles for attackers to circumvent on top of all the other deployable shields and barbed wire. It doesn’t hurt that he can pick between two of the best defender weapons as his primary either.


The only defender with a shield, Clash certainly has her uses. Her shield’s tasers slow and damage any enemies in range, making her difficult to push, meanwhile you’ll be able to relay lots of information to your team. She can also block windows and doorways to an extent, making her great for delaying rushes and locking down lines of sight.


Kaid can electrocute hatches, which makes him unique and very valuable on a few key objectives. If you take Kaid, consider banning Thatcher so the attacking team has to work extra hard to apply vertical pressure. Kaid can also carry a Nitro Cell, which is still one of the most valuable secondary gadgets in the game.


Jager rarely gets banned, but Wamai’s Mag-NET gadgets offer an alternative means of stopping grenades – and with Jager’s assault rifle getting a recoil nerf, Wamai might even prove more comfortable for some. The reason to consider Wamai is that you can hide his gadgets in clever spots, meaning they’re less likely to be destroyed. As the Mag-NET hoovers up grenades and still sets them off, you can even kill attackers by placing these in crafty spots – we’ve set Capitão on fire with his own bolts and exploded Buck with frag grenades.

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