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Here are the best plays from Rainbow Six Siege ESL Premiership week 5

The hottest plays from this week's Siege ESL Premiership games

Rainbow Six Siege Mira ESL Premierships

Competitive Rainbow Six Siege action is scorching in week 5 of the ESL Premiership Winter Season, and once again we’ve got a selection of the very best plays for you to watch. The top five bits of gamesmanship this week feature the best players from Vexed.Ebuyer, Wind and Rain, and MNM Gaming UK.

This week, Dearly from Vexed.Ebuyer kicks things off with a nitro cell kill clearly aided by a handy bit of spidey-sense. Team mate Ferral scores a fantastic grenade kill in a different match, indicating he’d make a pretty good bowler if this esports thing doesn’t pan out.

Elsewhere Wind and Rain’s Sloth dominates as Alibi, taking a clutch like a pro. Frao from MNM Gaming UK also shows off a textbook example of using Mira’s windows. Finally, NMN’s Turtle opens on the snappiest 2k you’ve seen this week.

You can see them all for yourself below, but don’t miss the highlights from week 1week 2week 3, and week 4, either.

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Stay tuned for more of the hottest siege action in the weeks to come as we continue to pull together the greatest highlights.