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Ubisoft are asking Rainbow Six Siege players for help to fix fps drops

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Rainbow Six Siege players are experiencing regular fps drops since the release of the game’s latest update. An announcement made on Reddit says Ubisoft have received “many reports” on the issue.

Here’s everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege: Operation White Noise.

The game’s most recent expansion, Operation White Noise, went live on November 28. According to the announcement, made by a Rainbow Six Siege community manager, since it went the developers “have received many reports about FPS drops.”

The post goes on to say that the development team have taken PC specs and additional information from players affected by the performance issues, and have been “constantly working to find the root of the issue. In order to help them fix the issue, the team is asking for more cases to help them consistently reproduce the problem in order to find a solution.

According to the announcement, Ubisoft are looking for support tickets from players on desktop PCs. Full details can be found in the official post.