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Rainbow Six Siege White Noise: operators, release date, map – everything we know

rainbow six siege white noise release date

Rainbow Six Siege White Noise is the concluding season of the shooter’s Year Two schedule. It’s been an odd year for Siege, with many months dedicated to the patch-up project Operation Health, but that has meant that both the recent Operation Blood Orchid and the upcoming White Noise are both bumper crops: no less than three operators this time, and a new map to explore. If you need to catch up with everything the new update adds, just keep on reading. 

Read this for everything we know about Rainbow Six Siege’s new operators.

Rainbow Six Siege White Noise release date

White Noise will deploy to the Technical Test Server on November 20. Year Two pass owners will able able to play the new content on live servers from the following week, November 27. The week after will see the operators available for all players to purchase with in-game currency.

Rainbow Six Siege White Noise operators

Rainbow Six Siege Zofia

  • Gadget: KS79 LIFELINE
  • Armour: 2/3
  • Speed: 2/3

Zofia is the Polish GROM attacker, meaning White Noise will finally deliver the second half of the duo after Red Orchid provided us with Ela last season. The link between these operators is more than just faction mates; Ela and Zofia are sisters, and use similar technologies. If you are familiar with Ela’s GRZMOT mines, you may be pleased to find that Zofia can use items that have a similar effect. This time, however, they are fired from a grenade launcher rather than merely placed by hand.

The KS79 LIFELINE grenade launcher has another trick up its sleeve, too: it is double-barreled, and can chamber multiple rounds. One barrel is reserved for the GRZMOT-like bouncing stun grenades, while the other fires impact breaching charges similar to those used by Ash. This means Zofia is a perfect breach and clear character, able to open up walls and stun the enemies behind it with just a few clicks, and then clean up the mess with either a M762 high-calibre assault rifle, or the compact 150-round LMG-E machine gun.

Zofia is also able to bring herself back from the brink of death, similar to how Doc can revive himself. The process takes five seconds, can only be performed once per round, and leaves her at a mere 1hp, but allows a second wind that may just pull things back in her favour.

Rainbow Six Siege Dokkaebi

  • Gadget: hacker tablet
  • Armour: 2/3
  • Speed: 2/3

Dokkaebi is the attacking operator representing the South Korean 707th Special Mission Battalion. She forgoes military hardware in favour of her own custom tablet computer, complete with personal hacker tag. Yup, it all got a bit cybergoth in here.

The tablet can be used to make calls to the entire enemy team, meaning there are suddenly five loudly buzzing phones on the map. Yes, it is now canon that Rainbow operatives take their phones into battle with them. Well, all except Echo, who either has anti-virus protection installed on his phone, or remembered to leave his at home.

The upshot of every phone ringing is that the attackers will be able to tell roughly where the defenders are. Hear a ringtone coming from the next room? It is time to make the most of Siege’s destructible plasterboard.

Dokkaebi has a second ability, too. She can steal phones from killed enemies and hack them, gaining access to the entire camera network, including Valkyrie’s black eyes. That is an incredibly powerful advantage, especially for teams that communicate well.

Rainbow Six Siege Vigil

  • Gadget: Electronic Rendering Cloak
  • Armour: 1/3
  • Speed: 3/3

Vigil is perhaps the most sci-fi inspired Siege operator yet. He uses the Electronic Rendering Cloak, a gadget that essentially makes him invisible to electronics. This means that, when active, enemy drones cannot see him. This could prove incredibly useful in the early stages of a game, or in final clutch moments when attackers are scouting out the last few rooms.

The gadget isn’t foolproof. It is on a cooldown, so cannot be engaged permanently, and thus requires some planning. Enemy drones will also be able to detect if Vigil is within 12 or 8 meters of them, so they are not completely blind. Thatcher’s EMP grenades and Twitch’s drone taser can knock the cloak out, and IQ’s scanner can spot Vigil with ease. If the enemy aren’t fielding those operators, though, Vigil looks set to be a force to be reckoned with.

On the weapons front, Vigil is armed with the defender classic of an SMG, two options for machine pistol sidearms, and a big double-barrelled shotgun. The shotgun may only take two rounds at a time, but they’re solid slug shells instead of buckshot. No one’s coming back from a blast from that.

Rainbow Six Siege White Noise map

A new map, Mok Myeok Tower, will arrive in Siege with White Noise. It is a South Korean observation tower that stands tall above the skyline of Seoul, and should offer a variety of new tactical options for players.

It is a map designed around verticality and long-range battles, with combat becoming increasingly close-quarters the nearer players get to the objective. Attackers start at the top of the tower – the only outdoor space in the entire map – and rappel down into the corporate/commercial complex. The sprawling, three-floor area contains storefronts, offices, and even a museum, all of which will no doubt be blown to bits by Team Rainbow.

That’s everything we know about Rainbow Six Siege White Noise. Let us know if we missed anything in the comments below.