Fix Glaz, then worry about Operation Health, say Rainbow Six Siege community

Rainbow Six Siege best operators attackers Glaz

Glaz is an operator in Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft’s tactical shooter. Given his previously terrible pick rate, he recently got a buff, which the community say goes way too far. Ubisoft are currently focusing on the health of the game at a technical level, but the view is taking hold on Reddit that fixing Glaz should be a higher priority.

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Glaz’s buff landed a couple of months ago, with the key change being the addition of a thermal scope that allows him to see through smoke and gas. Since he has his own smoke grenades, he can carpet a room with smoke, walk in and clear it before any of his victims see him.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft have just announced Operation Health, which – somewhat controversially – will delay Siege’s year two content plan to overhaul the technical side of the game. While one upvoted thread on Reddit concedes that “Operation Health is 100% necessary”, it insists that the player base is going to drop “no matter what” as “the game itself is becoming unfun to play in large part because of the new Glaz meta”. The most upvoted reply says “the sniper is now the best at room clearing. How does that make sense?”


Reddit has many suggestions for fixing Glaz. Removing the thermal scope is one quick fix in that would return the game to its former state – Glaz would be weak again, but wouldn’t dominate the meta like he does now. Limiting its use is another suggestion, forcing him to conserve it so “he wouldn’t be able to just spam smoke and win.” A third idea is applying a movement penalty when his scope is deployed, but the most upvoted suggestion is to add a laser sight to his thermal sight, enabling defenders to guess where Glaz is by looking at the angle of his beam.

Ubisoft say Operation Health will strengthen the game’s servers, add one-step matchmaking, improve update deployment, and fix bugs in more frequent, smaller batches, among other tweaks. That’s all well and good, but the community seem to feel that the game’s biggest problem right now is one of balance, and that Ubisoft should fix Glaz first.

We’ll hear more about Operation Health on May 21, when the devs will be chatting about the project on a livestream for the Pro League finals.