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The latest Rainbow Six patch fixes invisibility and loadout resets

rainbow six siege update operation chimera patch notes

The first patch for Rainbow Six Siege Chimera is out later today. Patch Y3S1.1 is pretty light, but fixes two pretty significant bugs.

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The first of those occurs when if players choose to swap out their operator at the last moment before the beginning of a match. The bug can cause players to enter battle with a different BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) equipped in minor cases, but a further issue has been identified. On occasion, operators can become invisible to all users – both friend and foe – which is a pretty big deal in a tactical first-person shooter.

The second major bug fix stops equipped loadouts from resetting if a player’s connection drops. While it doesn’t have as big an impact on gameplay as the other bug, manually returning your custom loadouts across is very annoying, so it’s nice to see Ubisoft address the issue.

Other bug fixes include credits not receiving after purchases have been made and a corrupted skin for Hibana’s P229. There are also a few changes for the PvE Outbreak mode. You can check out a full rundown of all the fixes here, and server maintenance will begin at 13:00 GMT.