The Rainbow Six Siege team are “getting used” to leaks

Rainbow Six Siege leak

Ubisoft have never been the best company for keeping secrets and the curse of leaks hasn’t spared Rainbow Six Siege, with details of each season of updates being spilled before they launched. The game’s brand director Remy Alexandre takes a surprisingly upbeat approach to the whole thing.

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“I’ll be very transparent with you: in the case of Rainbow Six, there has been some sort of a leak in every season,” Alexandre told us, speaking as part of a larger interview.

The team know how it happens, too: “When it’s a live game with a testing phase – like our private betas where we test the seasonal content with about 200 selected and paid playtesters online – it is very common that there are some leaks, even though we put watermarks on the pictures and track everything that we can. But I’d say it’s sort of part of the life cycle. “

Alexandre doesn’t let this get him down, though. “We’re getting used to it! And what we’ve experienced so far is that, even though there have been some leaks, the community starts to get excited. And I haven’t seen too much of a negative effect from that when they get to see the full reveal afterwards and play the game.”

Additional reporting by Ben Maxwell.