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Rainbow Six Siege’s infinite healing exploit has finally been fixed


Ubisoft have finally patched out a huge bug for Rainbow Six Siege’s medic. The bug, which affects Doc and essentially allowed for infinite healing, was first discovered over a month ago, but has only just been removed from the game.

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If you’re not familiar with Doc, his loadout includes a stim gun. This contains three shots, which heal allies for 40 health each, or revives them at 75 health if they’ve been downed. That means the very most you should be able to get out of the gun is 120 total health, or three revives.

The exploit, by way of some very specific reloading (explained in the video above), removes the three-ammo limit, and gives Doc’s stim gun infinite shots. This, of course, would allow him to constantly heal and revive his team-mates as long as Doc himself remains alive.

This was first discovered at the beginning of August, and was only patched out of the game last night. That’s a long time for an exploit this powerful to remain in the game, but it was made worse by the fact that this all happened towards the end of Operation Health, which was Ubisoft’s attempt to improve game balance and remove bugs, all while delaying new game content.

Fortunately, with the arrival of the new Operation Blood Orchid update, and thanks to a lengthy social media campaign by the game’s fans, the exploit is now gone, but it definitely made its mark on the Rainbow Six Siege community. There have been reports of players killing team-mates for using the bug, highlighting some of the best of the community. At the same time, though, other players say they’ve been team-killed for refusing to use the exploit, so I guess you can’t win.