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Rainbow Six Siege’s Outbreak zombie mode will be set in New Mexico, according to its ARG

Mission Outbreak

Rainbow Six Siege is getting a co-op zombie event. The long-rumoured game-mode, now known to be called Mission Outbreak, will arrive in the game during the first season of year three, and be playable for one month.

Here’s what we know about Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Chimera.

Mission Outbreak will be a three-player co-op event, but beyond that, details are pretty sparse. What we do know stems from an ARG that the Rainbow Six subreddit have been unpicking since it was first discovered.

A QR code discovered yesterday on the game’s Oregon map points players towards a password, which in turn grants access to rainbowleaks.org. Players can then use their Ubisoft credentials to log into the site, where they’ll be greeted with a handful of ‘leaked’ photos documenting the start of a troubling outbreak.

That outbreak is the result of a parasite that, according to the final screenshot in the subreddit link above, boosts’ the pain management of those infected and reinforcing their bones. That probably means that the zombies aren’t going to go down easily, unlike operators in the game proper, which often find just a couple of bullets pretty fatal.

A lot of the rest of the ARG points towards some more generic zombie stuff, with zome slightly gross photos and some lengthy medical reports. One not, however, mentions symptoms like vertigo, blurred vision, and confusion. While those are probably just a little bit of extra information, they could point towards what operators might experience should they let the zombies get too close.

Full details will be announced in February. Mission Outbreak will be free for all Rainbow Six players during its four-week availability.