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Rainbow Six: Siege open beta now available after dodgy servers cause delay

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It all went a bit shaped-charge when Rainbow Six: Siege attempted to kick off its open beta period yesterday. Ubisoft discovered that their servers weren’t quite prepared for the number of people who wanted in. Besieged as such, they scaled back on access while attempting to fix the problem and have spent the last day hard at work to get this fixed. With only a few days until release, it was quite vital that no problems persisted through the weekend.

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As described in a post on the official forums, the servers were unable to start game sessions properly, meaning instability and connectivity issues for everyone. It was effecting every version of the game across the three main platforms. In reaction, only those who had access to the closed beta were allowed to play for the last day.

That’s thankfully all over with now. The open beta servers were announced as going live at midday EST, 5pm GMT today and should now be available. There are still some complaints on the forums about problems with connectivity, but the servers do seem to be up. More teething problems would not be ideal, especially with Americans now very much on holiday time.

The full game comes out on December 1st. If you want to try the beta it’s available via uPlay for free over this weekend..