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Here are all of Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak’s cutscenes


Rainbow Six Siege’s PvE mode, Mission Outbreak, isn’t far away. It’s so close, in fact, that it’s currently available on the game’s Technical Test Server, which means a bunch of new cutscenes are available to watch.

Turns out Tachanka’s pretty good in Rainbow Six siege Outbreak.

You can check out a full collection of cutscenes in the video above. We’ve seen one of the clips before, in a trailer released earlier this month in which Ash calls for the help of Thermite and Doc, but everything else is new.

The video kicks off with an old man kicking back in his truck, before a object falls from space and streaks across the sky (which is later confirmed to be the satellite that featured in some of the promotional shots for the mode). Three days later, the action moves to a busy hospital featuring several patients with suspicious-looking wounds. None of them are as worrying, however, as those attached to the man in the truck, who stumbles through the doors with spikes erupting from his flesh, red eyes glowing. From there, we cut to that clip of Ash, set a week later, before the clip pans over the ruined town of Truth of Consequences.

The other three clips feature Thermite, Doc, and Tachanka, respectively, and primarily act as mission briefings. In one, you’re tasked with extracting a target from a hospital, in other you’re burning down a monster nest, and in Tachanka’s mission you’re sent in to retrieve that pesky Soviet satellite. Outbreak will be available with the release of Operation Chimera, running from March 6 to April 8.